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anyone use this w/ there k pro it look like it would be great to watch your temps and such any thoughts would be great thanks

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Please do not order a large display for use with the Demon at this time.

Large, Bright, Easily Readable Display.

Install It Anywhere In Your Dash, Cluster, Or Any Other Spot You Can Think Of.

Includes TunerView Dash Unit, USB Cable, Data Cable, 4 Screws/nuts, 2 Buttons (Only One Is Absolutely Necessary!)

Presoldered Wires For Buttons Which Includes Quick Disconnects For Easy Installation.

Upgradable Firmware For Expanding Featureset.

Daisy Chain Multiple TunerView II LCDs To Display Different Data At Once (Case Or Dash Kit).

Daisy Chain A TunerView I To The TunerView II (NepTune And eCtune Only).

Datalog Through The TunerView With NepTune, NepTune RTP, eCtune, Crome (Crome Pro and Freelog Compatible).

Larger Processor For Even More Future Capabilities.

Completely Rewritten To Be Even More Efficient.

Backlight Adjustment (For Blue LCD only. Yellow/Green Will Stay Lit Constantly.).

Sleep Mode.

Disable Injectors For Security (NepTune RTP Only).

Now Natively Supports Hondata S300 and K-Pro With Controller Module ($30 Module).

Supports NepTune, NepTune RTP, eCtune, Crome, and Uberdata (See below).

7 Data Pages - One large item or up to 8 small items per page. Add spaces to group items.

Peak Values - AFR, Duty Cycle, ECT, IAT, MAP, RPM, TPS, and VSS.

Settings For Celsius And KPH.

Check And Clear Error Codes On All OBD1 Systems. K-Pro Supports Clearing Codes Only.

BlueTooth Wireless Add-On Available For Wireless Setup And Datalogging.

Multiple LCD Colors Available!

For Uberdata, please install the Crome P72 datalogging script or install the new Uberdata logging script available here:

Available in Blue (Supports brightness control):

And Yellow/Green (Does not support brightness control - always on full):

Faceplates (Black or Brushed Aluminum):

Button Styles (Circular or Square):

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