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TSX build... Mind if I do a J?

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Build is G14 classified.
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what do you need in order to be ready? maybe we can provide a little swift kick in the pants if it will help.
I'm always willing to make time to come help out.
Damn, Brock!!! Sorry to hear that man.....ugh. Such a beast swap :Ookay:
Glad to hear you're sticking with it!!
Don't sell!!!

But if you do sell, hit me up first
What all remains to be finished? I recall the motor had lost compression but what else besides the exhaust?
My patience is already earmarked for my Accord. Sorry man. You'll have to keep it.

I know a good welder down here. :sus:
Other than rebuilding the engine, here is what needs to be done:

Custom fan shrouds made. (the current ones are not up to my standards)
Custom exhaust made.

That's it other than tuning.
You're in the home stretch. Even if it takes you a while to get it completed, I'm positive you will be happy in the end. I think you should keep it. I still haven't gotten a ride in it. :coleman:
What happened in this thread? All of Brock's pictures and posts have disappeared.
Don't sell!!!

But if you do sell, hit me up first
Alex saw too much. :jason:
I barely even get kingdom updates anymore :wwhat:
121 - 140 of 146 Posts
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