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trepound's slow *non baller* dc2 k20r build

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Sup guys. my name is B aka Trepound. Needless to say ive been on this site for almost a decade lol. I used to love coming on here 4-5 years ago when this forum was really good. Then i felt like it slacked off over the years, so i became a long time lurker. Here recently i see its becoming a better forum again. Nothing like it used to be but better over the years. so i decided to hop back on and post some pics of my on going build.

Figured id start off with a lil about me and my previous build from 07
I built this car in my drive way. did everything except for the tune lol. my first car that i ever worked on. im a hands on guy and like to take a stab at everything before i pay someone to do.

cliff pics
when i first bought her 99 gsr

old gsr out

front end and suspension off

k20 in

front end on

then she got painted

new wheels

then the unthinkable happend and she got totaled. my neighbor ran into my car and totaled it lol. go figure. front end was toast drivers side completely smashed in and you can see passenger side damage. swung my car a full 90 degrees.

that was back in 09. i got frustrated and parted everything from the doors back. excpet the motor which was a bone stock k20r. but then last year the bug bit me. so i went out and found me another teg bone stock teg, and before you know it im right back modding my car. i must say it def feels like old times. buying car parts and wrenching under the hood so now on to my new build

sorry no earlier build process pics, i never thought id be making a build thread, because im def not a baller and my build thread will probably be boring and slow lol:thud:. but for those that would like to follow it, ill try to update it as frequently as possible. might be fun to document this from now on.
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started off with this. i wasnt happy so the first thing i did was get rid of the ls and swap in a jdm gsr with lsd. i knew i was going back to k20, but i needed something with a lil more pep to get me by. But as it sits i dont drive the car at all so i dunno why i did that lol. i should be able to flip it when the time comes tho.

ofcorse it didnt stay like that for long. then this via the mother land

oem hid

that turned into this. i ended up painting it in my driveway. turned out aight for a home made paint job lol. wish i had pics of the process. it looks good from far away lol. but you can tell i had no idea what i was doing. especially when i shaved the side moldings haha. you can still kinda see where the holes were. but i know come first of the year im getting it professionally painted so for now i aint worried. its a project car for a reason right lol. i then bought a 98 rear bumper and what i thought was oem optionals. but upon arrival they were clearly some oem replicas attached to oem sideskirts. opened up a dispute and fought with him for awhile. end result i got to keep the reps and collected all but 110$ from him. so i couldnt complain they were nice reps and fit alright and i got them for 110 shipped lol. i painted them up and installed them and this is the result:new_slayer:

my last teg was wingless and always wanted to go with a oem itr wing. so i found a seller on that was letting one go. so i jumped on that. painted it and installed it as soon as it came in. this her currently chillen rocking a jdm gsr sitting on tein super streets. shes rough right now. but i have plans for her.
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i kept everything from the stock old motor and contemplated on selling it to a guy that wanted the whole swap. with stock itr header to put in his rsx. i tossed the idea around and almost sold it. but then decided to put it in my new car. this is how the motor sat for years 09-13 until i decided i wanted to spice up the power

un wrapped it and started the tear down

i know i didnt wanna go to crazy on the build but i def didnt want a stock motor. previous motor made 231/160 with rbc 3in intake dtr/ssr long tube header and 3in exhaust and tune. i was very pleased with it. anyway so i broke down the motor again no pics of the process.

the build- very practical and inexpensive lol

k20r block bored to 86.5mm
wiesco 12.5cr 8.5mm pistons
ktuned h beams
commetic 3ply head gasket
erl s2k oil pump

-user error the head had to get shaved .0014thousandths cause i knicked the mating surface some how while transporting it to my builder
supertech valve springs/retainers
stock itr cams
rbc with stock itr throttle body
hondata img
ktuned rbc adapter

stock 11.7 piston to 12.5 weisco

everything apart and labeled ready to send off

itr head guts all rubber band up
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Good to see you back at it :up:

I remember you from the first days of and I am pretty sure I have looked at your dc2 before she was wrecked in the "dc2 pic thread" so many times I have lost count.

I am glad you came back after all these years. What color is your car now ? What color is it going to get painted down the road?
Good to see you back at it :up:

I remember you from the first days of and I am pretty sure I have looked at your dc2 before she was wrecked in the "dc2 pic thread" so many times I have lost count.

I am glad you came back after all these years. What color is your car now ? What color is it going to get painted down the road?
Yea man its good to be back. Def part of the OG community on here. Ive posted here and there answering questions and what not. But def not been on like i used to haha. Ive been lurking your build thread for awhile now. Yours has always been my inspiration to get back doing what I like to do. has def come a long way!! As for my car. Its just plain white for now. I thought I was gona drive it more, so I sanded it down and did a lil 2 coat scuff and spray on it so it would be one color lol. But Im not even driving it, so that was a waste. Im still undecided on color. I love that dodge plum crazy, but I think I wanna do long beach blue pearl. I figure by the first of the year ill have something decided. So far just been collecting parts here and there. I really wished I would've kept some of my old suspension and swap parts now since I have another teg! Thanx for the kind words tho. Wont be as nice as your build or my last one. But ill try not to disappoint

More updates and pics tomorrow!!!
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minor updated ill post more after work

removed the dash to clean up some of the wiring and do brake tuck. also installed 2 loud ass piezo horns that i integrated into my alarm. these fuckers are loud as hell, so loud that my eyes hurt lol.

abs pump out along with all those unnecessary hardlines lol

a shot with oem hids with 8k d2r bulbs and 3k hid fog lights lol. i wanted a blueish white color. i believe i nailed it. ive never liked the city lights tho. so they will be deleted. my running lights will consist of the fog light being on and my turn/sidemarker lights and my fender side markers.

i hated the fact that they werent aligned so i worked on aiming them for a bit. got them even and just low enough that it doesnt blind oncoming traffic

shot of the dirty engine bay. removing abs and all the wiring along with it. also tucking headlight harness. i moved my optima red top to the back and put my engine bay fuse box where my passenger air bag used to be. i have a air bag delete tray there now that i can remove to get acces to fuse box

now off to work more updates when i get off
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Heck yeah, you have a identical build as me. Ill be following up
I just checked your build looks good man def a good start. got someone to keep me motivated. i wanna shave my bay too. what are your plans for your build
well to start, scratch all my turbo stuff. Im going just stock all motor. I plan on putting th jdm front on soon. Also im tucking most everything. So im going for a clean all stock(basic bolt ons) with the jdm interior. It will be quick but the bay is what i want looking good. We will see. I am gonna start tucking the harness and all kinds of lines within the next month or so.
lil update guys nothing much for now. have a bunch of goodies that have come in. ill update lil by little but for now

got some goodies

jdm 36 mm vs stock 4 lug

adjustable upper arms

blox camber arms

some suspension parts
36mm crv wheel bearings, inner and outer tie rods, ball joints, and sway bar end links
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anyone looking for a hasport shifter set up. someone help me fun my radiator haha looking for a quick sale box cables mount plate and everything
another update got some more parts in so more parts on
jdm itr axles 36mm pain in the ass to find

temp wheels in jdm ctr wheels cleaned them up

i think itll look nice


it started off nice outside sooo time to get a lil dirty


end result

project moving right along
cant wait to install my next parts stay tuned
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Good looking project!!
Nice . Buddy
thank you guys work in progress but shell get there at some point
thank you david for the pm. if i need anything ill def be in contact
458 views and only a few comments lol :moon:. dang no motivation at all i guess my build is boring:hide: its all good the quest for k continues!
i am in for this build..keep up the good work... subscribed!
thanks man. i got a bunch of things happening. just dont want to post everything all in one day. no excitement in that. def will be continually updating this though:new_slayer:
Looking goood boss :up:
Looking goood boss :up:
thanx bro. your build thread is what made me wanna do another teg. yours is looking nice. kinda like you ive been trying to get painted for awhile now but everytime i get a little change together for paint someone decides to sell the very things i want haha. i have a couple big purchases that i were meant to be paint haha

couple more parts i have handy for the new motor swap

rad hoses and throttle cable

3in exhaust and yest i still play the ps2 from time to time just for grand turismo

aem intake
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