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Sup dudes, I had a fully built LsVtec that I traded for a k swap. Sleeved block, 6262, itr 4.7 tranny etc. I parted out my engine and I got the following

Stock k20a2
6sp trans
Rbc im
Hasport mounts
Hr box, shift cables
Dc5 ecu
Ktuned harness
And a bunch of small parts that I had to get

I think it was worth it, took me two months to get it up and running but I only was able to enjoy it for 2 wks because I got deployed to the Middle East, oh well. But I did the swap myself and racked myself in the nuts drilling out the passenger side mount lol. I got the tps and map sensor backwards the first time, set timing myself via manual, mike at ktuned was helpful, dale from k20tuned supplied me with parts, yup that's basically it. Now I have so much time on my hand, I'm researching and deciding if I want to do a boosted or am setup, still deciding. I didn't really take pics but I have one of when I was done. Don't mind the intake lol I didn't know which was it was suppose to go.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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