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Totaled my car, part up forsale (kpro, ITR, various parts)

Wire harness
EKS1 mounts
Oil Pump
Oil Pan
Wiesco pistons/blueprint rods

Rather than put my name on every pick this is me and this is my car:

You can paypal / Email me: [email protected]

So i totaled my car and have been tearing it a part getting all the valuable goodies off to sale at the cheepest prices, so that i can pay off all my debt and fix my hatch. Im getting out of the honda game for good so yall can make me an offer and if its decent enough ill take it. So here it goes.

k20a2 Alt + Charge harness
100 Shipped

Intermediate shaft
110 Shipped

Type R TB w/ all sensors
165 shipped

RSX-S front motor mount w/ energy suspesnsion inserts 70 shipped

Civic Front and RSX-S rear sway bars 70 each or 130 shipped combo

No name muffler 50 shipped

JRRH RSX Type S + Test pipe w/ exhaust cut out& 02 sensors 400 Shipped

RC 650cc injectors 200 shipped

Si Radiator w/mugen fan temp switch, radiator cap and fans 110 shipped

RSX type-S Head Complete 600 Shipped

Type R Valve Springs 60 Shipped:

Type S Chian + guides 35 Shipped:

Red Sparco Turinos w/civic brackets and slider 400 picked up only

EP3 civic SI blower w/3.8 & 4 blower pulley, k24a4 crank pulley, map sensor adapter, 70mm bored intake runner, stock intake runner, and 2" idle pulley *if i can find the 2.5" ill throw it in too 1300 Shipped

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Bump for a good honest and fast working guy. Thanks for the shifter cables i really needed them.
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