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Lately I have been contemplating a k20a2 swap into an eg civic. What was the average total price everyone has paid for installation (minus the cost of the engine) and any custom work involved with the swap. Also how much was the fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, etc. I own a turbo rsx type S with a CN kit, and I really would like to do a custom turbo setup on a k series swapped civic..thanks
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I would say from $1000-$1500

The fuel rail is like $110 shipped and if you want to make your own fuel system, I got all the parts from jegs for around 300.. There are a few posts on this.. IF you don;t see them, let me know.

check this car out

3" Exhaust with 2 resonators


Engine bay

92 vx hb with 250k on chassis
2004 acura rsx type s swap with 1.7 miles on it :eek:
Revhard turbo kit for ep3
Hasport mount kit
Hybrid racing conversion harness
Hasport axels
Rc 750 cc
Golden Eagle fuel rail
Walbro 255hp
Sx fuel regulator
Earls fittings
Revo Short shifter
Ep3 idler pulley and throttle cable
Chris Alston 8pt cage with swingouts and removable harness bar
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That car looks like its going to be alot of fun. NIKOS do you think you can post up where you explain more in depth on what would be needed for your own fuel system?

Im still researching and trying to find way to cut down cost.
Ok, for the fuel system.

The k series engines uses a fuel system with no return line so for the civic that needs to be modified.

Basically, there are different ways u can set it up

From the stock fuel filter, you will need a banjo bolt+fitting to go in the fuel line that will take you to the Fuel PRessure regulator, then to the fuel rail, out of the fuel rail returning back.

Some people put the pressure gauge on the fuel rail, other on the Fuel PRessure regulator and some add a gauge to get the correct pressure dialed in and then remove it. The aeromotove FPR that I will be using has a place for the gauge so that is where I will be mounting mine.

There are 3-4 fuel rails that can be used not to mention that with the right tools you can even modify the stock k20a fuel rail, but I didn;t want to start a fire so I didn;t. The AEM , STR , units are nice but the Golden Eagle Fuel rail was the best choice for me because it costs around $100 less that the others.

So basically you need a fuel rail, lines, fittings, FPR and a guage

Different fuel rails have different openings. For example the STR rail has -10 AN and the GE one has -8 AN so the only parts that would change in the list below would be the 2 -6 AN to -8 AN Flare Reducers

I got the AEROMOTIVE one from jegs for $130.. summit racing has the same price

1 Aeromotive A1000-6 Injected Bypass Regulator - A1000 -6 Injected Bypass Regulator
Part number is :027-13109 $131.99

My complete fuel set up

Golden Eagle fuel rail from $120 shipped

lines and fittings from

Qty. Item Item Price Subtotal

1 Aeroquip AQP Stainless Steel Braided Hose - AN Size: -06; 6 Foot Length
023-FCA0606 $29.99 $29.99

1 Aeromotive A1000-6 Injected Bypass Regulator - A1000 -6 Injected Bypass Regulator 027-13109 $131.99 $131.99

1 Jeg's ''AN'' Plugs and Caps - -8 AN Flare Plug
$2.69 $2.69

1 Jeg's ''AN'' Swivel Hose End Fittings - -8 AN Hose End
$4.99 $4.99

4 Jeg's ''AN'' Swivel Hose End Fittings - -8 AN 45� Hose End
$13.99 $55.96

1 Jeg's ''AN'' Union Adapter & Reducer Fittings - -8 AN Flare Union
$1.99 $1.99

1 Jeg's Fuel Pressure Gauge - 0-100 psi Fuel Pressure Gauge
555-41013 $19.99 $19.99

Subtotal $265.58 <--- $265.58 Summit racing would be the same almost unless you went with rusell fitings that are a little bit more

Then the banjo bolt I got from

Earl's Performance Plumbing

EAR-807691 Fitting, Hose End, Single Banjo -6 AN to 12mm x 1.25, Swivel Seal, Red/Blue, Ea <---- $19

I received the banjo bolt ands tested it on the stock fuel fillet works, great.

So overall, around $400 for complete suel system

Here's a pic of a nice EK k20a. Notice how his setup has the FPR


I hope this is enough info. Of course the fewer fittings u use the less it will cost you. 45 degree fittings are the most expensive and in theory you can avoid most of them but one but I wanted the fuel line to be rooted in a nice way.
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To keep the cost down,you can just use a universal 2 inlet,1 outlet fuel pressure regulator and get some high pressure fuel hose from an auto parts store.

Total cost of the last regulator setup I did like this was around $150,including regulator cost(aeromotive),line cost and fitting cost.This uses the stock rail.

On this setup,you will run a fuel line from the filter to one of the inlets of the fpr,and have one line coming out of the other inlet,going to the rail.The bottom outlet goes to the factory fuel return line of the chassis.
i will be doing that setup like fearless, its cheapter for me and i dont need the shinny lines, i' had boght an aem FPR from Hybrid but was thinkging, i have an Cosmo FPR from my B16 just wondering if it will work.
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thanks for the info guys..i really have been wanting to do this project for quite sometime. Ive been wanting a project/drag car for a while since things didnt work out so well using my daily driver as one. Broke axles, clutches..etc in the process lol. The only thing i dread is all the custom work involved, and just want to do it as simple as possible without skimping on anything.
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