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top end

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wats the top-end speed 4 the k20a on a 93 civic hatch si???
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I have to admit, it is a funny question because not only is he asking for the top end of the motor, he wants to know the top end of the motor in the specific car. :?: :!: :!: :D :shock: :wink:
lemonhead said:
first you can pull the pointy stick outta yer bum bum.......and then try to make a "point" out of the topic of this thread,.......I'm just saying it's extremely confusing what the guy meant for the topic...

top speed in 4th gear for a K20R motor??

My apologies Moderator Pacman

no need to be rude..

4 means FOR as for what as 4 ever.. you get the point.
No problem. Thanks for being understanding.

The guy wo made this thread is probably a pizza delivery guy trying to break the world record of delivered pizzas in one day. He is considering the EG because of the gas economy as well as the huge pizza storage capacity.

It is really a tricky question though because with the type S motor he would have higher top speed since it doesn;t have the speed limiter the japanese K has. At the same time the JDM k20a has a faster acceleration.

So it all comes down to the geography of the pizza delivery area. If you have to deliver in city traffic go with the type R. If you are out there in montana or something delivering pizzas to the unibomber's cousins and shit, go with the type S.

I would however recommend to save your money and buy a year 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa with no speed limiter. That would definetelly put ahead of the competition in the pizza delivery business.

Good luck and drive safe,

Nikos :lol:
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I guess you are right. In that situation, a sidecart would be needed.

Here's a pic of 2 pizza guys ready to deliver the goods

Here's one more


thanks for having a sense of humor
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1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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