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To Rebuild or Replace??

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Sup K20A?? Well heres the situation.
I have an a3 block n a2 head sitting @ the house that I wanna put in my em2 already. the problem is the head is pretty damaged and needs much attention to. basically one of the cylinders is damaged up and the 4 valves included + im missing some cam covers. Idk how the block is doing but it seems fine.

^^those are 2 pics and if needed ill post more.

Machine work, valve train replacement, cam covers/ a2 crank/rod/piston replacment vs finding an a2 longblock
im stuck on what I should do
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Stay away from the k24a4 (accord motor) bottom end. You would have to do a full bottom end build for that head to work on that block. K24a2 (TSX) and k24a1 (CRV) are good to go.
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