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Throttle Issues??! Need Help!

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Hey guys having a problem with my throttle and need some help. First off its a 04 k20a2 motor with rbc manifold and 4-2-1 header, Brand New Oem engine harness, hybrid sub-harness, and a prb with K-pro all in a 93 dx hatch.

It all started yesterday, whenever i touch the gas pedal to move forward or even just in neutral the motor just stalls and turns off. the car now has a slight hesitation when staring up, but after a few cranks it starts and runs smooth. no misfire or anything. But soon as i give it a lil gas it stalls out. The Fuel pressure is at 50psi and stay steady when the car is on. The only check engine light that on is the Secondary 02, which really doesnt effect much. i thought is was the TPS so i just picked up a new Omni Power TPS, and Calibrated it, and its STILL doing the exact same problem. As im looking at the sensor on K-pro its reading perfectly fine and getting voltage. All my Grounds are on and tight. Car was working perfectly fine for two over 2 weeks with no problems Im getting very :mad:. Has Anyone ever had this Issue?! Any Suggestions? Thanx in advance.
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Try adjusting your throttle tip in. You can also disable your secondary o2 in K-pro so that CEL goes away.
what do you mean by the throttle tip? and for some reason i have it checked off (secondary 02) but it still comes on.
thanx for your help too
The TPS IGN Retard setting. It is in the parameters somewhere. EDIT: under the Gear Comp tab.
Do you have OBDII disabled? Your sec o2 should not be detected by the ecu. :up:
Play with that and see if it smooths out the tip in hesitation.

EDIT: another thread with some good info related to the subject.
thanx alot bro, ill try that and see what happens.
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