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the throttle cable thread.

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Well, now im trying to address a problem i have with my throttle cable, it jsut seems too long and the pedal feel is very sloppy,

k20eg bent the gas pedal up to compensate for this so the t-body will open up asll the way,

but its almost impossible to heeltoe with the gas pedal 2 inches further out then the brake pedal.

so once again i called hasport today and they told me that i need to use a eg throttle cable to remedy this, because its shorter but will still work, when i talked to joe he said that they were going to try it out at ther shop and im going to call tomorrow to see if it solves this slight problem.

i already got qouted 15 for a new one from honda so its not a big deal, i just have to do something to make pedal feel better

as you can see by the pics the cable is as tight as it can be and still has too much play in it

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Im in awwww at this gas pedal thing.

Looks like a HUGE F'ING HACK JOB. Hope you didn't pay for that.

I have an eg. But I simply used a throttle cable bracket from an EK SOHC and used spacers off the TB and it works awesome.

Did you try the EG cable?

mine fits almost perfect.

I used a sohc ek throttle cable bracket spaced from TB. works great.

I have an eg of course. It looks like the eg would work just fine on the ek also.
eternalek said:
ill have to try that cable, both scc and honda tuning say to use a ep3 cable, so ill try that out as well,

the feel is better now but the thing thats driving my nuts is the rough spot when the t-body is open half way, have you experienced this too?
I know what you are talking about. I had a holley TB on gsr. It had a real bad sticking point also.

You can take off the TB and clean it see if that helps. sometimes its build up. Other wise it very well may be in your throttle cable.

Please post your findings when fixed.

THanks and good luck.
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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