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So i was on the hunt for a real itr after owning a VERY good replica. I found one on here ( kyosoeg6 was selling that was close to everything i was looking for, K swapped with ac and power steering, good suspension and a clean title. I was going to fly from new york to texas and ship the car back. Well, it seemed like at the last minute he no longer wanted to sell his beloved type r. I don't blame him. But he put me onto another K swapped type r with a clean title as well. Another member know as EdBiz. This car had been crashed but was not claimed in fear of ruining the title and/or its car fax report. The asking price was only $**** and the car ran and drove(to an extent) and was already a jdm k20a. So i flew to texas on a buddy pass which was a nightmare, got stuck in philly for a night, then drove a uhaul from san antonio to corpus christi Texas. Mr. EdBiz did not negotiate even $50 off the asking price and for $**** I was the owner of a real type r. We trailered the car 5 hours north to Austin TX where I'm originally from. I spent time with family while waiting on the shipping company to come get the car to bring it home to New York.

So over the last few months I've been collecting parts. Im going for function, reliability, and rarity. So far Ive acquired a set of tein type flex coil overs with the edfc, the hardrace full suspension bushing kit, hardrace front camber kit, ebc front and rear yellow stuff pads and ebc front and rear rotors, goodridge stainless brake lines and the spoon rigid collar kit for the subframe. pics will be posted soon of parts as well as the install.

I also just picked up a set of 16 inch advan rg1s white with the blue stripe. i plan to have these powder coated white with no stripe.

I met a guy through craigslist when i was parting out a 92 1.7 gsr who makes carbon fiber parts and had him make me custom door inserts to match the carbon fiber interior trim of the type r. Its a one off deal and hope people like it. I also had the headliner wrapped in suede to compliment the seats. this idea came from when I had my 2000 e39 M5 which came with the suede/acantara headliner from the factory. I came across a good deal on the ukdm 160mph cluster that had only 6000 more miles than my shell so i picked it up. I also just ordered the type rx pedals and the rare sunglass holder from just waiting for the parts to come in.

this car came with an rsx non lsd transmission that was driving the car. it also came with the k20a lsd tranny that had something wrong with one of the sleeves. So i wanted to rebuild the tranny to my own specs. I purchased the full synchrotech rebuild kit with new sleeves, carbon synchros, oem honda bearings etc. while the tranny is apart i went ahead and ordered the acura tsx 6th gear from and an ep3 si 1st and second gear as well as the crv/fd2 5.06 final drive. I went with an exedy stage 2 disc setup because i don't want the car too uncomfortable. I also ordered innovative 60a mounts to have the least cabin vibration possible. and i ordered the ac kit as well from hybrid

The motor is stock to my knowledge and I dont want to risk adding power at the expense of reliability. The car made 256whp and 180lb of torque So all I did so far was a koyo full radiator, new oem timing tensioner and guides since they are known to fail and we will adjust the valves before its ran
So at this stage we are waiting to paint. all panels are being removed and car will be undercoated and painted with no glass, doors, fenders, motor, etc. then painted again when its completed. This will be a process and I want to share it with other enthusiast.

So lets start the resurrection of 00-1534


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