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Comments, Suggestions, and Submissions are Welcomed
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If you would like to contribute, just post it up. Show us what you got too, pics are what we need the most. Please use the 'attach' option when posting, so that in the future the picture is still available.

If you want a Factory Service Manual, you can buy it here

Some online archives for FSMs

Below are links to posts in this thread that cover a topic.

Blocks / Cranks / Rods / Pistons

Body / Chassis / Cosmetic

Engine Accessories / Ignition / Pulleys / Power Steering

Engine Differences

ECU / Engine Management / Tuning

Engine Builds!

Forced Induction (Turbo / Supercharger) and Nitrous

Frank Info K24/K20

Fuel System / Injector info

Head / Cams / Valvetrain / Intake Manifolds / Throttle Bodies / Headers

Heating / AC

Oiling systems and components

Shifter info

Transmission / Axles / Flywheel / Clutch

Swaps and Parts lists

Wiring and Pinouts

Just making this so I can put a link to it in my signature, and compile my write-ups into one thread so they can be accessed easier, as I am not looking to have each one stickied.

For an in-depth look of many detailed and helpful write-ups from others on check Signalpukes DIY and FAQ thread in the "General K series related talk" section of the forum.

Or Click here: >>>>> DIY and FAQ <<<<< READ ME!!!

My writeups:

General K series related talk

Compression and Leakdown tests
-What they are and how to interpert them
All Motor K series technical discussion
Coming soon...

Forced induction and Nitrous K series discussion
Why: Your Vacuum gauge is important
-An explanation of what vacuum is, what it does, what can affect vacuum and how you can tell using your boost gauge

Suspension, Handling, Body and Apperance corner
Brake Systems - Making your own
-This thread is detailed in the basics of brake systems and fluid hydraulics. A touch into the more technical pieces of the brake system and introduction to making your own brake hardlines for your vehicle. Photos included
PIC Performance: Suspension Review
-A thread about PIC suspension, and a few other products they make for the honda enthusiast.

Engine Building
Explanation of "Balancing"
-Gives the basic idea and steps taken to balance the internal working parts of an engine.

K20A VTEC breakdown


-Originally posted by Targa250R-

The K20A3 does not have a standard DOHC VTEC valvetrain as we know it from the B-series engines - the K20A3 should actually be called a "DOHC i-VTEC-E" engine, because it uses a VTEC-E cam setup. The K20A2 is the "real" DOHC i-VTEC engine, utilizing the standard DOHC VTEC cam setup we're all familiar with. To help you understand the differences between the K20A2 and K20A3 engines, I've included the following information from a post I made elsewhere:

Allow me to evaluate. Let's start out by defining some terms:

VTEC - Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control. At low RPM, a VTEC engine uses a normal cam profile to retain a smooth idle, good fuel economy, and good low-end power delivery. The VTEC mechanism engages a high-lift, long-duration "race" cam profile at a set RPM value (i.e., ~5500RPM on the B16A) to increase high-end power delivery.

VTEC-E - Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control for Efficiency. This system isn't really VTEC as we know it. At low RPM, the VTEC-E mechanism effectively forces the engine to operate as a 12-valve engine - one of the intake valves does not open fully, thus decreasing fuel consumption. At a set RPM value (i.e., ~2500RPM in the D16Y5), the VTEC-E mechanism engages the 2nd intake valve, effectively resuming operation as a normal 16-valve engine. Note: in a VTEC-E engine, there are no high-RPM performance cam profiles; this engine is supposed to be tuned for fuel economy, right?

VTC - Variable Timing Control. This is a mechanism attached to the end of the intake camshaft only which acts as a continuously variable cam gear - it automatically adjusts the overlap between the intake and exhaust cams, effectively allowing the engine to have the most ideal amount of valve overlap in all RPM ranges. VTC is active at all RPMs.

i-VTEC - intelligent Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control. This is a combination of both the VTEC and the VTC technologies - in other words, i-VTEC = VTEC + VTC. Currently, the only engines that use the i-VTEC system are the DOHC K-series engines.

Now this is where things get tricky - Honda uses the term "DOHC i-VTEC" for two different systems: The first system is used in the K20A2 engine of the RSX Type-S. The second system is used in the K20A3 engine of the Civic Si.

The First System (K20A2):

This system is pretty close to the older DOHC VTEC engines. At low RPM, the K20A2 uses a normal cam profile to retain a smooth idle, good fuel economy, and good low-end power delivery. At 5800RPM, its VTEC mechanism engages a high-lift, long-duration "race" cam profile to increase high-end power delivery. The only difference between this i-VTEC engine and the older VTEC engines is the addition of the VTC system. The intake camshaft has the automatic self-adjusting cam gear which continuously optimizes valve overlap for all RPM ranges.

Here we see an image of the intake cam lobes of the K20A2. Notice there are 3 lobes; the two side lobes are the low-RPM profiles, and the center lobe is the high-lift, long-duration profile which engages at 5800RPM. Basically the same setup as the old VTEC engines we are familiar with.

Now here we see the VTC mechanism - the gear on the end of the intake cam that adjusts valve timing (overlap) automatically on the fly.

This system is used in engines powering the JDM Honda Integra Type-R, Civic Type-R, Accord Euro-R, and the USDM Acura RSX Type-S and TSX.

The Second System (K20A3):

This system does not really conform to the "DOHC i-VTEC" nomenclature, as Honda would like us to believe. As I mentioned in my previous post, it actually should be called "i-VTEC-E," because it uses a VTEC-E mechanism rather than a standard VTEC mechanism. At low RPM, the VTEC-E system effectively forces the engine to operate as a 12-valve engine - one of the intake valves does not open fully, thus decreasing fuel consumption. At 2200RPM, the VTEC-E system engages the 2nd intake valve, effectively resuming operation as a normal 16-valve engine. There are no high-RPM performance cam profiles; this engine is tuned to balance fuel economy and power, rather than provide pure performance. On the intake cam, there is the VTC mechanism which basically is an automatic self-adjusting cam gear used to continuously optimize the valve overlap for all RPM ranges. This being a VTEC-E system - and not a true DOHC VTEC system - is the reason the K20A3 redlines at a measly 6800RPM, while the K20A2 is able to rev all the way to 7900RPM.

Here we see an image of the intake cam lobes of the K20A3. Notice there are only 2 lobes - there is a nearly round one used only for the low-RPM disabled intake valve, and then there is the regular lobe used by the other valve at low-RPM and by both valves at high-RPM:

This system is used in engines powering the USDM Acura RSX base, Honda Civic Si, Accord 4-cylinder, CRV, and Element.

Special note: The K20A3 engine used in the Acura RSX base has a slightly different intake manifold design from the K20A3 engine used in the Civic Si. The RSX engine uses a dual-stage manifold, similar in concept to the manifold of the B18C1 in the old Integra GSR. It uses long intake runners at low-RPM to retain low end power, and switches at 4700RPM to a set of shorter intake runners to enhance high-end torque. This accounts for the extra 9 ft-lb of torque in the RSX (141 ft-lb, vs. 132 ft-lb in the Civic Si).

Here is an image showing just how this dual-stage manifold works. On the top, you can see the low-RPM (long) runners are in use, and on the bottom, you can see the high-RPM (short) runners in use.


1. The i-VTEC engine engages VTEC gradually, and not suddenly like in the old VTEC engines.

Wrong. The i-VTEC engine "engages VTEC" at a single set RPM, like always. Whoever started this rumor is a ****tard. Read the definitions above.

2. VTC engages at a set RPM.

Wrong. VTC is always activated. Read under "VTC" above.

3. The K20A3 engages VTEC at 5000+ RPM.

Wrong. Technically, there is no "VTEC" (as we think of it) in the K20A3 engine - it uses a VTEC-E technology, which engages at 2200RPM. Read under "The Second Sytem" above.


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Blocks, Rods, and Pistons

  • Blocks, Cranks, Rods, and Pistons

A brief tour of how to check clearances in your motor -chunky

Complete 300whp Build Guide -Nikos

How to Build a block : Excellent Info -Jeff Evans

Let's talk about Rod/Stroke ratio -allan5oh

What is a safe max piston speed? -ampmstation247

How strong are k20a rods for na street builds? -98luder

How reliable is a stock sleeve block K20 or K24 on boost? -doc_ecu

Difference in K24 cranks? -ABCVTEC

2009 Accord / TSX / CRV / Element Crank vs 2005 Accord Crank -nikos

How do K24A1 (CRV) rods compare to K24A2 (TSX) -Scourge

S2000 piston vs TSX piston in K24 block, look and see... -98specR

J35 pistons/rods in K-series -Brock

09+TSX Pistons vs AP1 S2K Pistons -AnointedDC5

Putting head on block / lubrication head studs -nikos

Oil Cooler install on a K24 -BlackEgk20a

Timing chain experiences 101 -chameleon

106mm crank breaking? -nikos

From my search it seems all K cranks listed below were forged no matter where they were made however made in Japan cranks cost roughly 4-500$ more, as previously stated.

RSX 02-06 K20A/K20A2/K20Z1 - 13310-PRB-A00 - Forged, made in japan
Civic Si 06-11 K20z3 - 13310-PRB-A00 - Forged, made in japan
Civic Si 2011+ K24Z? - 13310-R40-A00 - Forged, made in usa
TSX 04-08 k24a2 - 13310-RBB-010 - Forged, made in japan
TSX 09+ k24z? - 13310-R40-A00 - Forged, made in usa
RDX 07-11 K23? - 13310-RWC-A00 - Forged, made in Japan - PISTON
K24 Bearing Specs



BC = IDBT – ODC – (2 x BT)

BC = bearing clearance
IDBT = inside diameter of bearing tunnel (housing bore)
ODC = outside diameter of crank journal
BT = bearing thickness

Main Bearing thickness by color
Blue 2.013-2.010 mm 0.0793”- 0.0791”
Black 2.010-2.007 mm 0.0791”- 0.0790”
Brown 2.007-2.004 mm 0.0790”- 0.0789”
Green 2.004-2.001 mm 0.0789”- 0.0788”
Yellow 2.001-1.998 mm 0.0788”- 0.0787”
Pink 1.998-1.995 mm 0.0787”- 0.0785”
Red 1.995-1.992 mm 0.0785”- 0.0783”

Rod bearing thickness by color
Blue 1.510-1.507 mm 0.0594”- 0.0593”
Black 1.507-1.504 mm 0.0593”- 0.0592”
Brown 1.504-1.501 mm 0.0592”- 0.0591”
Green 1.501-1.498 mm 0.0591”- 0.0590”
Yellow 1.498-1.495 mm 0.0590”- 0.0589”
Pink 1.495-1.492 mm 0.0589”- 0.0587”
Red 1.492-1.489 mm 0.0587”- 0.0586”

Would the k24z2 pistons from the new accord fit in my k24a1 block with a k20a2 head I know the older accord k24a4 wouldn't work but I herd the new accords with k24z2 will without valve clearance issues anyone know
they will work - but you have vtc limitations

here are some pics of 2006-2008 tsx (RBB), 2009+ tsx/2012 si (RL5) & 2009 accord/element (R40)

I can start a list for regular shelf rods... I have some weights written down somewhere. I will try to update this over the next couple days.

(a) = advertised weight

589g OEM Honda/Acura (PRB)
490g BluePrint Pro-Series I-beam
445g BluePrint Ultralite I-beam
440g BluePrint H-beam (a)
495g Eagle H-beam (a) #CRS-5470K3D (ESP-H beam)
514g Brian Crower Sportsman H-beam (a)
415g Brian Crower Sportsman Lightweight H-beam (a)
555g Brian Crower I-beam
460g k1 H-beam (a)
450g k1 lightweight H-beam (a)
511g k1 turbo (a)
Manley H-beam #14014-4 (made by eagle) probably 460-495g
550g Manley Turbo Tough I-beam
Pauter #Hon-220-510-1389F
480g Carrillo Pro-A
501g Carrillo Pro-SA
526g Carrillo Pro-H
Crower Steel Billet B93738B-1
Crower Maxi-lite ML93738B-1
512g Cunningham (custom k20)
374g Cunningham (custom titanium k20)


498g OEM Honda Accord (PPA)
538g BluePrint Pro-Series I-beam
459g BluePrint Ultralite I-beam
BluePrint H-beam probably 525-535g
Eagle H-beam probably 525-535g
535g Brian Crower Sportsman H-beam (a)
422g Brian Crower Sportsman Lightweight H-beam (a)
Brian Crower I-beam
526g k1 H-beam (a)
454g k1 lightweight H-beam (a)
542g k1 turbo (a)
590g Manley Turbo Tough I-beam (a)
578g Pauter (courtsey of Bigworm) #Hon-220-510-1520F advertised at 585g

496g Carrillo Pro-A
538g Carrillo Pro-SA (courtsey of Blazed)

547g Carrillo Pro-H (a) with actual being 551g (courtsey of [email protected])

Crower Steel Billet

506g Crower Maxi-lite ML (courtsey of JDMEK4COUPE)

512g Crower Maxi-lite with upgraded AMS5844 Bolts (6spd_ek pic :p )

Rod Bolt Info
ARP 2000 rated at 220,000
ARP L19 rated at 265,000
ARP 3.5 (ams5844) rated at 280,000
ARP 625+ rated at 280,000

Crower 8740 rated 180,000psi
Crower H11 rated 220,000psi
Crower AMS5844 rated 280,000psi

Carrillo WMC (H11) rated at 220,000psi
Carrillo CARR (multiphase) rated at 285,000psi
pankl titaniums are 330 grams @ 6.125" ctc ( add to the list ) 1770$ each rod.
Saenz custom 300m steel rods w/ 9mm ams5844 bolts (H-beam), for K20:

C-C: 144.2 mm
PE bore: 19 mm
PE width: 21.5 mm
BE bore: 51 mm
BE width: 20 mm
Total mass: 405 g (BE 303 g, PE 102 g)

Note: longer C-C, max RPM 10k, max WHP 450 (total), no PE bushing, and given piston/pin mass of 350 g.
Application is street with some racing. light boost. Oh, and cost is very reasonable, much better than Ti.


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  • Body/Chassis/Cosmetic

How To: K20 CRX Hood Fitment -iBUILT

DIY: De-anodizing and anodizing -jellybean

DIY: Killing Rust with Reverse Electrolosis -jellybean

DIY: EG headlight intake -jellybean

DIY: Polished RBC -talonxracer

New interior that has snowballed out of control! -talonxracer

DIY: S2000 AP1 and AP2 Cluster Swap into 2001+ Civic(EM2) -xproductionz

05-06 RSX Taillight Convesion HOW TO + Part List. Visual Guide -Reactionsi

How To: sound deadening material removal -suprfast

Energy Suspension Installed w/Grease Zerks -sevndustn

My brake system write-up. get comfortable. -blackEK

How to put "X" brakes on your car -BrakeExpert

EG/DC Prop Valve: Proper Brake Line Routing (Brake Tuck) -Mr. KDes

Prop valve casting id#'s
3030 - 9.4" front / drum rear
3035 - 9.4" front / larger drum rear
3040 - 9.4 front / 9.3" disk rear
4040 - 10.25" front / 9.3" disk rear
4035 - 10.25" front / larger drum rear
4030 - 9.4" front / 9.3" disk

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Head | Cams | Valvetrain | Intake manifolds | Throttle Bodies | Headers

  • Head | Cams | Valvetrain | Intake manifolds | Throttle Bodies | Headers


Headgaskets and Coolant Diverter -THAMADTECHNICIAN

Port on the K24A2/K20Z3 head? -null

K20Z3 06 Si head VS K24A2 TSX head -h2nr

K20a vs k20a2 vs k20z heads -jugbugz

In-Car Headswap, Semi How-To. K24/20 Frank -Froth


Honda's "secret" cam tool: DIY photos... -erik loza

VTC Timing Help -beyondstockcivic

DIY Timing Chain Tensioner upgrade. -chunky`

A brief tour of how to check clearances in your motor -chunky`

How to recognize Type R cams -supafly

06 TSX cam vs DC5R cam comparison pics inside! -katman

06 TSX cams vs 06 Si cams at 9800 RPM k20 89mm ported head -nikos

How-to: VTEC Cams on NON-VTEC Head -Jeremyinlinepro

09+ TSX cams in a K24A2 head -Vaikis_


Do I need to upgrade my valve springs?

Type S head ..... uses dual valve springs? -amwerx

Type S Valve Spring Seat Differences? -JustinD

Valve stem, Retainer/Cotter? Which do I use? -Theta

What is the revised keeper/retainer design on 04-06 heads? -rsxmachine

Intake Manifolds

DIY: Oil Catch Can for Under 20 Bucks -98specR

How to take off the K20 Intake Manifold -sspem2

Differences in hondata style thermal intake manifold gaskets -kommon_sense

Install a Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket -Rallyeman

Use TSX mani on a K24A1 -Froth

How To: Modify The RBC Manifold (k24a1) -kauai96

DIY: EG K20 RBC CAI with Hasport mounts -02sik24a2

DIY: Intake Manifold Porting -AWOC

Intake Air Bypass Control Valve -devilution

PRC vs RBC -nikos

RRC vs Ported RBC -seek167

Port RBC or buy RRC? -Frankie Figs

RBC vs RSP -mike323

Throttle Bodies

IACV? Loopy Idle? -Tommy

Throttle cable bracket? -chris_93civic

How to cut Type S Throttle Bracket for B/D throttle cable -TheKhemist

Throttle body differences -talonxracer

Mustang throttle body TPS wiring -DB8TypeR

Q45 throttle body tps wiring -boostinSI

TPS sensors - What are the differences in the K20 throttle bodies? -nikos

How to adjust TPS sensor w/o KPRO -kommon_sense

Throttle Body Sensor - Do I really need all of them? -migs

Let's talk TPS Failure -WESTUP

TPS confusion... -jdm_obsession88

K20A/A2/A3/Z1 Throttle Body To RBC/RRB/RBB Intake Manifold Adapter -Karcepts

TB adapter for RRC IM - with provisions for IACV for a k20a2 TB -6spd_EK

RBB + OBX IM adaptor + K20A2 TB = no fit? -kb58


What header is best for me? Let's chat Header Design, Fabrication and Terminology 101 -Ekasey

Trying to understand 4-2-1 header pairing? -Scourge

RBC/RRC vs PRC/PRB intake manifold size


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Transmission and Axles

  • Transmission / Axles / Flywheel / Clutch

k-series part numbers cross referencing halfshafts/axles/shifterboxes/cables -jrbreaker85

Are all K20 Halfshafts the same? -Guam Bomb

Clutches: types, materials, and components. -xproductionz

Correcting improper clutch geometry -talonxracer

Clutch Style Preference.. Disk or Puck? -sirtifiedacc

Flywheel Preference? -KdEJ1

Differences between TSX, RSX-S, and EP3 Clutches and Flywheels? -MKulak

Shift cable doesn't reach on trans? -Paul1985

Shift Arm Interchangeability -PapiTuyo326

What is the difference between the 02-04 and 05-06 VSS? -Hondata

05-06 tranny with 02-04 ecu harness +s2k -*HAZARD*club

Some info/help needed with 05 speedo -AwdEi

How to convert a 05-06 to 02-04 -SuperThanh

How to make 04 VSS work with 06 RSX-S Cluster -dc5_import

DIY: Remove Mainshaft bearing and Replace -k20jonny

Difference between 4.7FD and 4.3FD (Clutch Case Bearing) -k20jonny

4.3 fd compared to 4.7 fd (visually) -KdEJ1

DIY:Transmission Rebuild 6Speed Picture Thread -palmerblock

DIY: Turn a 5 spd transmission into a 6 spd transmission -nikos and FearlessDSM

How-To: Element 6 speed conversion -rhurt

RSX/TSX Combo Tranny -Charmer18

How to identify gears - by the number of teeth -6spd_EK

23" Slicks with 4.3 FD vs. 24.5" w/ 4.7 -TurboSpoolinInside


What is an LSD and what does it do?

LSD Install problems...I can't seem to get the tranny cover back on? -2000Accord5sp

Type-R LSD install into EP3 tranny -2000Accord5sp

DIY: Install a B-series LSD into an K-series 6spd


PNs: Halfshafts | Axles | Shifterboxes | Cables -jrbreaker85

Torn inner boot on Axle? -6spd_EK

OEM Honda axles? -C-speed

Can I use RSX axles with my EG swap? OEM combo? -Karcepts

Z3 civic Si axles vs A2-Z1 TypeS -00ek20


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Wiring and Pinouts

  • Wiring and Pinouts

*depin sensor plugs* -TrePound

How To: Relays -DB8TypeR

FAQ: How to wire Charge Harness Eg/Dc/Ek -k20jonny

The Definitive K20/24 Sensor Comparison -Froth

Must Read If You Want DIY Wiring!!! -SuperThanh

DIY - Engine Harness Junction Box Delete -screech

Simple wiring harness write-up for EG -kazino42

K20A2 (PRB) / K20A (PRC) ECU PINOUT -nikos

2005 Type-S ECU Pin-Out Help -eK24monster

02-04 vs 05-06 engine harnesses differences -schumacher916

K20A2 vs K20A3 Harness differences -DeMonICRSX

Which o2 sensor can I use?

Primary 02 Sensor Wiring - Check your wiring right here... -[email protected]

Knock Sensor wiring -Paul1985

Injector Resistor Box Install Guide -Oside Jimc

DIY: Injector Clips -k20buildinprogress

How to repin the K24A2 and K24A4 CRK sensor for the K20 Engine Harness -2000Accord5sp

Theroswitch and Temperature Sending Unit -Karcepts

Where do I drill to tuck my main harness? -StErN

Post your Wire tucks/ battery fuse box locations -tibbie 03

What will my Engine Bay look like? Where do the wires go in a tuck? -nikos

DIY: Wire Tuck!!! -SVOboy @

Immobilizer wiring - key cylinder -Skyliner

HOW TO: Making a "Secondary Key" Anti-Theft Device -Froth

Shift Light In The A/C Vent *pics* + *vid* -Mr Plenty

S2000 cluster swaps

AP2 S2000 Cluster In EG -KJMRide

S2000 Cluster Swap In 92-93 DA Integra -Jeep DA9

S2000 AP1 and AP2 Cluster Swap into 2001+ Civic(EM2) -xproductionz

05-06 tranny with 02-04 ecu harness +s2k -*HAZARD*club

Auto - to - Manual

Auto to Manual K swap Reverse Lights -qburt19

EG: HOW TO: My auto to manual swap PICS! 56k no no.

EK: HOW TO: 96-00 Auto to Manual Swap in full detail!! (44pics)

Crank Sensor differences

Crank Sensor Pin-out


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Re: Comments and Suggestions on the new FAQ

  • FSMs courtesy of xproductionz

Service Manual Downloads

2001-2005 Civic (Non-si)

2002-2005 Civic Si

1996-1998 Civic (EK)

1992-1995 Civic (EG)

I got more here but its for other chassis like the NSX and EVo and so forth which dont use a K-Series Swap it
If anyone wants to know how heavy there car is before they do a swap in it then check this out

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Re: Comments and Suggestions on the new FAQ

  • Build Threads


  • CB

k20z3 92 accord update -project_kcord

  • CD

K24 CD7...Boosting Soon -95accord racer

1996 Accord K24a2 swap (56k hazard, k24 inside) -thesonners

My CD build thread -cross2

  • CM

k20/k24 Accord -blinx197


  • SL

First Gen civic k swap! -katch24

  • AH

K20a into 85 AH Civic hatch -G AE82

  • EF/ED/EE

DIY K20 Swap into a 1988-1991 CRX/Civic (EFK1 Hasport Mounts) -CRXBart

MUGEN KR-X Rebuild -CRXBart

k24 crx build up -KOOCHYOLOGIST

My CRX revival *Rywire* *K-Tuned* *J's Racing* *Spoon* *Mugen* -K20EF8

K20pwrdcrx By NHSwaps -NHswaps13203

Tahitian Green Mean Machine -NHswaps13203

Shhhhhhh RBC inside. dont tell anyone! -NHswaps13203

OMG, my 3rd K20 crx... should I do it again? -Rywire

Suja 1 Motoring project: Pepe -pb16b

  • EG/EH

JDM Wannabe from the ground up shaved tucked K -JDMciv'bomb

RYR - Katch24's EG turbo k20 build -katch24

Greece>K20A EG trackday project> slow progress.. -Rallyeman

How-To: K20 into 92-00 Civic/Integra -poison

K20a2 into 95 Vx build - Over 1,000 working pics - Fuster_Cluck

K24A2 into 1992-1995 Civic (EGK1 Hasport Mounts). Tech Questions Asked/Answered Here -litterbox

Chubby203's K24 Foo Doo yO -NHswaps13203

NHSwaps Street Race Car Build. -NHswaps13203

My Mid Engine K-Swap Del Sol Build -xcellr8n

Project Del Sol K24 -mugen-k

  • EK/EJ/EM1

k24/k20 Carbon Ek -96civic

98 Civic EX K20 Swap (EKK2 Hasport Mounts 1996-2000 Civic) -kommon_sense

K20A2 EK Swap (EKK1 Hasport Mounts 1996-2000 Civic) Parts List, Pictures, Manual Conversion and Writeup in Progress -boost me

K20 EK9 complete build (Hybrid Mounts) -TypeOne


Taffeta White EK by NHSwaps =) -NHswaps13203

1crazy93k turbo ek build -1crazy93K

Hulk Ek4 JDM k20A swap (Turkey) -miniks

  • EM2

DIY: K20/K24 Swap into a 2001-2005 Civic (ESK1 Hasport Mounts) -xproductionz

K24EM2 build thread.....finally :) -preston

build thread part 2, k20/25 monsta plus more & question thread -sspem2

My EM2...with new face lift!! -Turboman02

  • EP3


  • DA

Silchuki14's Time Attack K20 DA9 Project -Silchuki14

My K24/K20 DA build -- 56K grab a movie.. -shad0wslay3r

  • DC2

97 Type R #341 K swapped restoration- Seek Speed Shop -Notorious92rhdEG


k20a98specR (k20 in a dc enjoy) pics added

Imola Orange DC2 By NHSwaps =) -NHswaps13203

  • DC5

D.I.Y. DC5 K24A2 swap thread -bigdaddy

Hickam's New Project, RSX Type S -HickamHatch

Desert Silver 2.4 Type S, BLOWN K20A2!! -BSIVOLJR


2011 Ford Fiesta + K20A Thailand -baracuda


  • S1

Chronicles of my DIY experience: NA K24/20 Honda Conversion -MacLotus

RWD K20A into lotus -nikos

  • S2


Mid-engine K24 project, Midlana -kb58

Superlite Roadster

2008 Superlite Roadster -Chadillac

2009 RCR Superlite Roadster (SL-R) by Gage -Gage


K24 - 78 Austin Mini -Jas

Vtec S/C Mini -simba


1988 Suzuki Swift GTi with K20 -Puss-on-boost


VW Bug K20/GT40R -Capsoval

VW Corrado Track Car -keithc

VW Jetta -rafal


  • AW11

K20A2 powered AW11 MR2

RallyCross Toyota MR2 With K20A2

  • SW20

C38-91 beams red top

RaceLAB's K-Series powered MR2 project
-[email protected]

  • MR-S

MR-S with K20A swap -q8boy

  • AE111

Toyota Trueno AE111 K20 swap -import_trung
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