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ASKING $8500 obo. car dynoed 202whp and 155wft.lbs on a a/f tune
Looking for a GSR teggy or EK hatch. cash added depending on mods.
2002 K20a2 With K pro 45K on motor at this time.
40+ MPG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have vouches!
teal 95 civic cx
custom intake
6 pt roll cage
GSR brakes
GSR dash with working type R cluster and clock.
DSS stage 1 and OEM axles
Hasport mounts
Hasport header
Del Sol V-tec radiator (dual core)
Hybrid racing conversion harness
Hybrid racing fuel lines
GE fuel rail
Blue and grey Del Sol seats
beat up CF OEM hood
new passenger fender and front bumper (black, hit by a van)
Fresh paint, 1 spot on the back bumper where I backed into someone.
Spoon style CF duck bill spoiler
16" Royal bronze Rota circuit 8's
3" custom exhaust w/ megan racing muffler
New Koni yellows with GC coilovers (500lbs springs)
interior pics are before k swap.

The best I have run is [email protected]


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There's something about water testers that I just can't take. Are you selling it or no? If someone offers you 10k even, are you gonna take it or no. If your answer is yes, then your selling it, if the answer is you aren't sure, then why post it?

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testing waters is to let people know you are thinking about selling it and if the right offer comes along then you may take it if you choose. their is no other forum to put it in, I guess that answers your question.

It runs great, it has been up an running since the end of febuary I believe. I cant realy remember exatly when we finished it other then over a month ago and its been running great since.

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ProjectF4 said:
is it still turbo? as well as k20? or did you have a turbo swap and then swap the K series in?
It was turbo'd then he swapped in the K...

You still planning on boosting the K or are you just going to buy an EK... :silly:

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car is about to be painted back factory green and have 16" bronze circuit 8's. Price WILL go up once that has been done. You people waited too long while it was cheap.
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