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tensioner preload on big cams

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how much perload do yall put on you tensioner i'm installing the bc stg 3 and with a couple of clicks on the hybrid racing tct and the chain still slaps but when i pry on the guide to get more clicks to the point the tct doesnt have anymore movement the chain doesnt slap anymore does that sound correct? and is that safe on the guides and tct to have it so tight?
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You don't preload the new Hybrid TCT's. You might've preloaded old ones but you don't and shouldn't preload the new ones. Russ is very adamant about this, both in person and on the forums.
The whole reason the tct can expand more is BECAUSE of timing chain stretch. It's literally there for when the chain is stretched it expands more to control the chains motion.
I just think that tct's weren't meant for certain profiles tbh. I have go power cams in my car, i'd consider them a good cam and they still messed up a couple of tensioners.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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