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tensioner preload on big cams

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how much perload do yall put on you tensioner i'm installing the bc stg 3 and with a couple of clicks on the hybrid racing tct and the chain still slaps but when i pry on the guide to get more clicks to the point the tct doesnt have anymore movement the chain doesnt slap anymore does that sound correct? and is that safe on the guides and tct to have it so tight?
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yes the earlier hr tct can be preloaded. i have one, when i installed my crowers it took two clicks, the other cams i had were hytech's iirc and they took three clicks. i have always done the minimum it took to stop the chain from lifting off the cam gear.
Trust me Russ from Hybrid Racing said do not preload their tensioner. I thought you could but he wanted to make sure that i knew with their tensioner it doesnt need preloading.
they have a instruction sheet on their site showing how to preload the v1 tensioner. i have had one for 3yrs give or take. the ones that have do not preload on are the ones i would not preload
step 7

in your link he says "current tensioner" v1 and 2 iirc can be preloaded
when i installed my crowers i called them and they(hybrid) said was fine to preload 1 or 2 clicks. dont know if all cams do but i do know but the hytech spec a, crower 2 3/4, and brian crower 2's all had to have preload. all ran fine also with no abnormal issues. hr tensioner and oem.
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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