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You can use the tec2 on the K engine.Theyre universal..
You will need the crank trigger/wheel and coil packs compatible with the tec2..the tec2 isnt compatible with some of the sensors,but the generic gm sensors will work,which is what most cheaper engine managements require.
You wont have the use of vtc though,and you will either have to lock the vtc gear in place with a pin(or equivalent),or use the toda vtc killer gears.
Once you get past all of the i-vtec specific functions of the,the engine is not much different from any other.

The Hondata Kpro is a modified stock K series ecu,which is converted into fully programmable status by Hondata.You can modify nearly every aspect of the ecu operation,and disable certain sensors(o2,knock etc) and the immobilizer function.
The only thing required for the kpro is an ecu to trade in for a core(though they do offer ecu's you can buy),and access to a laptop,to change the ecu parameters.
Kpro has much more functions than the tec2,is much less expensive and easier to hook up/use.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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