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Oaky yes I am a noob and probably posting in the wrong section. I was curious on what I am going to need if I am swaping the k20a into my 92 civic. I am planning on buying my motor form I am not exactly sure what it comes with but here is the list

List Of Parts Included
• Complete Motor
- Block
- Intake Manifold
- Complete Head
- Sensors
- Exhaust Manifold
- Fuel Rail
- Injectors
- Distributor
- Throttle Body
- Alternator
- Starter
- Ignition Wires
- A/C Compressor
- Power Steering Pump
- Headers

• OBD2 ECU (Computer)

• 6-Speed FWD Hydraulic LSD Transmission
- With Clutch components assembled to the engine

• Axels
• Intermediate shaft
• Engine Mounts
• Wiring Harness

Now I hear I am going to need a mount kit, radiator, different axles?, RSX shifter box, different headers,and maybe even a USDM wiring harness. I really want to get this swap going but dont know on required parts. I was also wondering if there is a stie where you can get like a swap package that come with all the required parts. Oh and if there is a better deal else where on the motor swap they want $5350 plus shipping.

thank you
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