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Hey whats up,

I'm about to do a suspension overhaul on my 00 coupe and I am coming to you guys to see if I am going to far aka "Over Kill" with these parts Im thinking about buying.

Yes this is my DD but I am really trying to build this to be a nice weekend track car. Also I do not care about how the car rides even if it feels like a go kart feeling every bump or crack on the road. All I care about is that my chassis is super stiff and that my car feels guled to the ground at any speed.

whats on my coupe now
- K Sport Full Coilovers
- Password JDM Front Strut Bar
short and sweet I know lol

Ok so enough of that here is the list of parts that im in the market for.
- K Sport Front and Rear Camber Kit
- Full Race Traction Bar
- Function 7 LCA's and Subframe Brace
- Suspension Tech Front and Rear Anti-Sway Bar
- Hard Racing Bushing Kit
- Password JDM Rear Strut Bar
- H Brace (NRG makes one I have heard really good things about this)
- PIC Rear trailing Arms Bushing
- J's Racing Roll Center Adjusters
- Function 7 End Links for Front and Rear

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Sounds like you are basically throwing everything at it ;)

Coming from a daily driving car that I auto-x as often as possible seat time really is the best to determine what you actually need to do. I have done suspension mods that I hated but thought I needed so much in the past. For example I was trying to figure out what front/rear swaybar size and balance to go with and had the best results with a bigger rear sway bar and no front (both DC5 and my old EK hatch). Personally I didn't replace bushings unless they were torn or broken. You would be surprised with what the car can feel like if you just get a suspension kit with the proper spring rates for you and maybe tweak the sway bars a little bit.

And the most underrated part of it all is wheels/tires. Tires can be the most important part of feeling planted to the road. The best suspension in the world on crappy tires will make you break loose and not be able to carry the speed.

So my personal advice would be:
- Tires first (must not be stretched!! ;P. Maybe wheels if they are very heavy and a little more offset)
- Spring rate tweak (with compromising shocks)

See what feels off from there and fine tune ;)
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