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SURJE.motorsports DC5 build thread

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I thought I would start a build thread for my 06' VBP RSX Type-S.

A little history of the car:

I bought the car in March of 06', brand new off the lot after trading in my 97 MR GSR. With the purchase I got the 17" Aspec rims and the Aspec wing and fogs. A month later I met D-rob who welcomed me into his shop after he realized I wasn't a douchebag :p . The boys at Sound Innovations/Surje took me under their wing.

Throughout the next couple of months I would learn more than I could imagine, not only about Honda's but also about cars and engines. During these months I decided on the direction the car should go. I had always loved Honda's N/A capabilities and definitely wanted my K20 to scream with N/A power.


After a couple cosmetic mods such as JDM badges and yellow fogs....

Thank you EF4dr :thumbup:

the first real mod came in the form of an AEM CAI.

When tax return time rolled in I followed the intake up with an HKS hi-power exhuast and a DC "shorty" header.

The most important mod and probably the best one to date has been K-pro. Originally street tuned by D-rob. The redline was raised to 8600 and vtec lowered to about 4600.

My first outing at the track was a huge learning experience. I ran BFG street tires on my spare stock rims. The car loved to wheel hop. Surprisingly to myself and my friends the car clocked off a 14.2 @ 99.7 that day. I was pleased for just having bolt ons what the car could do and since that day the car has worn the SURJE.motorsports banner.

After this outing I knew I needed to do something about that wheel hop, so innovative mounts replaced the stock mounts.

The first time the car saw the dyno was that May at the Carlisle Performance and style show. Still on the street tune it put down 195whp.

Also around this time the car got a drop thanks to a skunk2 coilovers, which may not be the best but gave it a much needed drop. They will soon be replaced. And also an OEM Carbon fiber hood.

Time came to ditch the crap header and get a race header. The Dc sports header was thrown on. This time John Kerr from J-K-tuning would be dyno tuning it. The car now made 199whp at Mcnews automotive. But later would make 205 at a show with no changes to the tune.

:thumbup: 93turbo16

Throughout the rest of the summer repeated 14.2 passes @ 99-100 mph would be made at different tracks. And still to this day I am still trying to learn to launch the car better.

Winter 07 came around and I got a good deal on a head package featuring Skunk2 springs, ti retainers, exhaust cam gear and stage 2 cams. I was happy until I opened the box and found out that the seller had sent me two exhaust cams.

So after waiting for Skunk to email me back about buying just an intake cam, I took some time to read up on the parts and learned about the timing chain tensioner problems people were having. By the time skunk had emailed me back I had allready made the decision to go with IPS K2's. The next day I found a used set with 6k on the and snatched them up.

Now on to the built part of this thread :p

IPS K2 camshafts ( older style)

Skunk2 titanium retainers

Skunk2 dual valve springs

ARP headstuds

RBC manifold

Competition stage 4 clutch

All of which I have sitting in front of me (pics tomorrow)

And I will also be throwing on my Mugen replica lip soon.

Right now I need to get to Honda and order, PR7 valve keepers, older rsx style valve
seats and seals. Also a new timing chain tensioner, just to be safe.

updates when the happen :thumbup:

Props to SURJE.motorsports, J-K-Tuning, and all my friends at Sound Inno none of this would be possible without you


Modified by dc5tegk20 at 2:47 AM 3/26/2008
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Sorry about the clutch and tranny. Have you looked at the ClutchNet 6 puck disc? It's similar but it's got a lot more material around the spring.
took some photos today on my way home from the GF's college. I love this road, lots of turns, nice to drive.

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Got bored, washed, waxed, and took some pictures

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So I haven't update this in awhile.

April brought a new P1 lip and new foglights and MORE TRANNY ISSUES

so after noting that the car had a rough shift feeling at higher rpms I had my buddy who is a transmission expert shaun take it for a spin. He brought it back and said he thought it felt okay. I get in the car about an hour later and the shifter would not go into first at all. We thought it might be the cables, but we tried shifting it inside the tranny and nothing.

So the cause of my first gear problem seamed to be metal on the synchro hub which would not allow it to go down into first.

so out it came again

the culprit

So i ordered a replacement first and second set from synchrotech.

The new one

and new synchros which I dont even really need

Once my buddy shaun gets a press available ( because the the parts seem to be stuck together reallllly tight) we will be packing it up and gettting it back in the car.

heres another shot of the new lip

and the new fogs

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traded her in

The RSX's replacement

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^^^BOOOOOOOO! lol jus kidding nice trade man hows it feel?
wtf? really?
LOL yeah got rid of the RSX. Haven't seen your ass around in awhile.

BTW heres some more pics

Lovin the car!
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I know this thread is old as dirt but wow, Derek looking like a baby in these pictures! Is that Betty in the background of the first picture?
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