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You are looking at a new fuel setup that will be installed within the next

The fuel cell is by Summit, part # sum-290101 and has foam inside to help with fuel slosh (pictured above)

The reason I am doing this fuel setup is to use the a1000 on its own, only for race gas.

I will have 3 fuel lines going into 1 and then into the fuel rail and all lines will have a shut off valve, pictured here

My street setup will run the walbro, the 1000cc injectors and the stock tank with no inline pump or return line(plenty of fuel for 17 psi street driving)

My race setup however will utilize the inline a1000 and the full return line (2 plumbing holes on the bottom of the fuel cell). This will be enough fuel for 800whp and no fuel pressure problems.

Cost of the race fuel setup
1000cc Injectors-$350
A1000 Fuel Pump-$300
Resistor Box-$30
Fuel Cell-$90
Fuel Cell Mounts-$20
Shut off Valves(3)-$96
Adapters and Swivels(6)-$65
Flare (to cap off the custom return on the stock tank)-$5
Fuel Return Flare welded on stock Fuel Rail-$35

Total Cost-$991

Labor is free as I do everything with a help of a friend.

I will keep you guys updated with pics and installation.

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nikos said:
Are you planning to set it up so you can switch from pump gas to race gas on the street?

That would be sweet.... Driving around on pump gas.... you get to a red light... Look to the right... Turn car off...Open glovebox, bust out the mini laptop, change calibration, turn on race gas, etc...

That would be sweet if it's possible.
Yes, if you read my post clearly, that is exactly the purpose of this whole fuel setup

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