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k24a4 and k24a2 TB for CHEAP!!!! And TL RIMS

I have a some stuff that I have laying around in my garage and want them gone. Come of the item I bought on here and there was some miss communication. So I got the wrong parts and stuff. So looking to make up for some lost. All price are open to offer just as long as I don't lost more money shipping it.

1. k24a4 intake manifold (50 shipped) obo
2. k24a4 wire throttle body *has a broken tps* (50 shipped) obo
3. TSX throttle body with all sensors (60 shipped) obo
4. 05 TL rims painted black *has some chips on paint when I had the tire remove and also some curbage* (350 pick up Bay Area or Merced, CA) obo

Open to all price just as long as I break even or get close to it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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