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swap itr aver 5500-6500 (ive seen it) type s (3000-5000)
Mounts 550
axles 200-360 use factory or aftermarket average
clutch line 20
Aeromotive A1000-6 FPR 145
custom fuel lines and fittings 150
heater hoses 20
radiator hoses 50
new clutch w/resurfaced flywheel 400
lots of loom 10
wire ties 10
k pro 950
primary air fuel ratio sensor O2 if not with swap 190
shift cables if not with swap 150
shift box if not with swap 90
3M black tape 5
soldering gun useful tool
B series engine coolant temp sensor dont know had spare
97 sohc throttle cable bracket had spare
serpentine belt 15
all fluids used synthetic oil 70
vacuum lines 10
hoses misc 10
prototype racing intake 160
extra tube needed to be welded to intake had spare
brake booster hose 10
thin fan 80
6spd gear shift knob 20
new exhaust i have custom 150-500
header i paid 750 cheap is 300-high is 1400
make sure all sensors are good ???? if any are bad
fuel rail STR 130
STR alternator pulley 130
or use ep3 idler pulley assembly 80
have to relocate radiator to condenser position
Air temp sensor from stock rsx or SI air box 20
Here's an estimate for you all. These are the parts in mine and some estimates and variances of averages....
Hope you can use this as an estimate when looking into this swap of the reality of price and parts involved. I know there are a few other little things im sure ive missed but this should be the vast majority... ALSO dont forget no labor charges etc.
There are some areas you can cut corners for cost I KNOW this.... again please take this simply as an est and for simply what its worth to you.
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