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Strange squealing/whining sound from belt area(?)

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Hi Guys, helped me a ton over the past few years, but this time I had to become a member.
I'm having this strange sound coming from the belt/pulley area of my k20a2 swapped into an EK hatch.
And I cannot seem to find where this sound is coming from, and it's driving me insane.
It occured after my last dyno session, where of course, the car gets beaten on for a short while.

See the video link: Strange squael/whining sound

I'm running power steering and no AC. I already replaced the power steering pump. but the sound remains.
Notice the belt is quite wobly as well. maybe my belt has just gone bad? or it has stretched?

It doesn't really sound like belt squeal to me tho, or am I mistaken? and is it probabaly just a bad belt? or a pulley of some sort?

I hope someone has an answer for me!

Cheers from the Netherlands.
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