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Stock K20A with upgraded intake and exhaust , HR 70mm TB , Close ratio Gear Kit , OS Giken LSD...
Hi Stoppa, welcome to the best ever! I appreciate your video, that's a pretty nice race circuit with exciting sections like the brouwn bridge section with the added s-curve combination, where you can't see the street for some moments, rough underground...awesome :up:. Did you like it to drive there with your car and engine setup?

The gearbox setup is nice and short, a good fit for such slow tracks and the engine setup you did use :up:. How do you like it for this track?

A question, if you don't mind to answer to your race style. Is there a cause you leave high speed cam on most of the corners? Did you test if a downshift isn't more time effective? Or do you want to safe and protect your engine and gearbox with that race strategy?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts