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Well, it depends really IMO.

A good argument can be made on either side.

For example look at this EK someone is selling on honda-tech

1998 Honda Civic cx
65,000 miles on body, less then 400 on build
Mechanical mods
-Bensons sleeved /o-ringed B18c (83.5mm bore)
-JE pistons 10.0:1
-Crower rods
-Micro polished crank
-Moroso oil pan
-Mocal oil cooler
-Full-Race exhaust manifold
-Tial 46mm wastegate
-Tial 50mm bov
-HKS T51r turbo (custom spec.)
-Spearco intercooler core (28”w 10.5”h 3.5”d)
-Meziere electric water pump
-Fluidyne radiator
-Fully ported and polished head
-JUN stage 2 cams
-JUN valve springs/ titanium retainers
-JUN cam gears -
-ARP studs
-SX fuel pump/filter/ fpr
-RC Engineering 880cc injectors
-Golden Eagle intake manifold (port matched to head and throttle body)
-Golden Eagle scatter shield
-BBK 70mm throttle body
-Place Racing motor mounts
-Custom 3-inch exhaust w/ v-band flanges, HPC coated
-JUN titanium muffler
-Custom PCV system into exhaust
-All braided stainless lines (fuel, vac. Etc.)
-Driveshaft shop stage 5 axle/hub
-ACT xtreme duty pressure plate
-Clutchnet 4 button race disc
-JUN lightweight flywheel
-Quaife LSD

-Tanabe sustec pro coilovers
-Cometition Engineering Traction system
-Suspension Techniques sway bars
-SRR rear lower control arms
-Mugen front upper strut bar
-SI rear disc conversion
-Powerslot rotors
-Hawk pads

-Sparco Flash 3 steering wheel w/ quick release hub
-Sparco Evo seats
-Sparco 3 inch harnesses
-Moroso switch panel
-Motec PLM
-A’pexi AVC-R
-Defi gauges
-Custom 8 pt chromemoly roll cage w/swing outs (NHRA certified)

-JUN rear spoiler
-CWEST front bumper
-J-SPEC carbon fiber hood

-Volk TE37 15x7 BLACK (street)

-Front 225-50-15 BFG Drag Radial, and 225-50-15 Bridgestone S-03
-Rear 205-55-15 Bridgestone S-03

This is off the top of my head, I am sure I missed something.


The car made just under 600hp @ 22psi on a mustang dyno
When its tuned to 30psi it should be close to 700
The car ran an 11.0 @129 (22psi) in a shakedown pass with some old 22inch slicks
Now take a look at PACMAN's NA K20A CRX that made around 250WHP but got almost the same 1/4 mile time.

In other words, both NA K series and B series cars are fun to drive :p

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NA owns on the streetz... I have seen all-mota B series with 200-230 hp rip turbo B series with 300+ hp all day long. The NA cars launch better on the street on drag radials.

Don't know about the track - it seems like with VHT and slicks the turbo cars would launch better.

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i wasnt being very serious....of course there are some INSANE turbo setups out there that wont be touched by an NA K. just saying your average 300 hp turbo b18c'd hatch will have a tough time hanging with a hatch pushing 260 NA whp.....

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nikos said:
Well, it depends really IMO.

Now take a look at PACMAN's NA K20A CRX that made around 250WHP but got almost the same 1/4 mile time.
thats what i dont get, there are many turbo cars that get outrun by n/a machines. i guess its all about usable power!

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kester4 said:
bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A GSR pushing 12lbs of boost has more than 250whp. There aint too many NA RSX coming close to that, on the street anyway

How about this....your turbo car and my ALL motor civic and take a good guess who is going to win...?


We smoked so many turbo cars that make way over 485whp...I guess who won again? Yes us ALL MOTA

Can't bit a ALL motor car on the street..

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Its all about power delivery

NA is instant and quick

Turbo is a little slower and much less linear

Same whp = NA will destroy Turbo

Its simple really

My EK hatch with 160whp ran 13.60's and could have done better with slicks...I know there are turbo EK's that have a tough time posting those numbers......

With 250whp I could run 11's and I have yet to see an EK 2400+lbs run 11's with 230-250whp in turbo trim

Power delivery

Believe it

300whp vs. 300whp turbo

Absoloute ass raping by the NA car
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