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Sorry guys...not a K20 engine but...

My friend's car just got stolen from Botany Carpark, between 5:30pm and 6:30pm today (Thursday 10/02/05) in broad daylight.

The thieves broke into the car, disabled the alarm, and sawed off the steering wheel pro-lock.

The car has some pretty unique parts on it, so if anybody spots them on T&E/Trademe/see them around, please let me know.

Car: 1992 Honda Civic EG9 (4-dr SiR Sedan)
License Plate: XB2469
Color: Charcoal

Please keep an eye out for: (unique parts on car)

Frosted Clear EG9 Tailights (completely clear, rare)
17" Polished Seneka Rims (5 spoke)
Grey painted Simota style (J-racing style) intake
Canon ixus40 digital camera
Cusco Rear Strut-Bar

Other parts:

Black Recaro ITR Seats
B18C-R Engine with GREY painted rocker-cover
USED 4-1 TRR Extractrs
MSD Ignition Coil

So, please, keep an eye out for the car! Pics can be seen here...

The car is insured, but, obviously, the owner would like his car (or parts) back if possible.

Any news, please contact me on +6421521389, or the owner on +6421764338!

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