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Stock K20A is getting close to 10 second 1/4 mile in a drag

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Today I managed to punt my Stock JDM powered K20 EG down to an 11.84 @ 112mph I did a 4 back to back 11.8's so I'm pretty happy...
The motor is stock, with a few bolt-ons... I run a modified RSX-S header, which I am looking at upgrading with a DTR header in the near future... I run Toda VTC killer cam gears, a LINK PLUS standalone ECU and TWM ITB's...

It was a good day, but being the start of our season the track was a little slippery still, as I only managed to cut a high 1.6 60ft... but hey there is always next time..


92 EG DRAG CIVIC, 11.84 @ 112mph

here are some pics of the car

Some of you might think that 0.8 seconds is nowhere close to "breaking 10s." but you have to understand that this is an amateur drag racer, not backed up by a major sponsor and R&D of an industry leader....

Also the header he is using is homemade and was not made for the car.... RSX headers are very restrictive in my opinion. That is why we are seeing Civics and RSX cars with the same setups but different headers being apart in power produced... Basically, with a nice header and some more tuning, I believe he can do it. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

He is not using hondata K pro.. Instead he is using something kind of similar..

Hondata owners are from New Zealand and actually used to race against the people that are behind the LINK PLUS standalone ECU . :thumbup: What a small world :p


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good times! what is the weight of your car? i hope to be in the low 12's this summer.
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