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i just got a stock k20 type s ecu and i was wondering if i could use it to check if it can start my car.

my car had been down for a few months now. alot of things came along the way that i havnt have gotten anytime to work on my car.

my car was working fine before and it had a k-pro type s ecu.
i got a new harnesses and changed alot of the wires--cause i thought those were the problem.

even when i changed them -- i did alot and changed alot.
i thought that it was the ecu.

i just started to work on my car again. i just want it back up and running -- many competitions here now-- i want back in. LOL.

i jus wanted to know if it could start my car with the stock ecu or should i get it tunned?

lmk. thanks.
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