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Stiff springs for K swapped EM2?

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Hi All,

Im looking for recommendations on stiff springs for a K20A swapped EM2. I have the stock EM2 springs on tokico blues, and feel like the stock springs are really not stiff enough.

Also aftermarket springs for EM2s don't look very stiff.

I read that you can use RSX springs on the EM2 struts? I know RSX springs are much stiffer.

I'm not necessarily interested in lowering the car since it will be driven in the snow a lot of the time, but I would like stiff springs with less bounce, that can hold around turns and bumps (I like stiffness like a 2000 civic Si suspension).

Anyways recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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I have a very stiff ride, megan race dampers, progress sway bars and upper strut bars, cusco in the rear and nuspeed In the front.
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