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Personally I have never done a swap. Or even done something as complicated as a K-Series swap. Not only that, but I'm a broke ass college student, with no job, and a very ambitious dream.

That dream is to put a K20A into my (currently my father's) 1995 Civic Dx Hatchback with an, automatic transmission...

So with no money, and lots of time I started to do sum research, and found this great site.

However, I feel like there are alot of kids like me, who have these ambitious dreams, but are going around getting the wrong information, and not only that, but don't exactly know what the first step is.

This is what I've found out.

1. Ask yourself what are your goals for your project car.
2. Make a list of your goals.
  • Minimum HP
  • Your Exterior Look (wheels & tyers, suspension, brake kits)
  • Interior (Seats, Dash, Electronics(A\V), Roll Cage, etc.)
  • And other goodies...
3. Look at your list of goals, and cut things out of it, stuff that isn't really needed because they don't fit in your budget, and save it for later.
4. Then plan your mods in stages, cause when your modding your car, I don't think it would be quite drivable with the engine out...and no engine to put in, no would it? My guess is you start from the bottom up. (Wheels & tyers first, suspension, brakes, any body work and leave the most expensive(engine swap) for later :D )
5. Look for parts, and start spending your hard earn $$$$$ :D I think the hardest part is looking for the right parts for your goals. Even though I have no money for parts now, I'm finding it really hard to decide which coilover, or which header to use in the future. Not only that... finding reliable and reasonably priced resellers is kinda hard... or atleast for me...
6. Once you have all the parts for 1 mod, I guess you start doing it, right?

Truthfully, I wish to start this in maybe 2-3 years from now, when i have a chance at making alot of money...

I guess I just sound like a newb huh?

Oh well thats my opinion.

You guys have any other tips for us newbs? I think needs a newbie tuner section :D but i think that belongs in the sugesstion fourm....

- dreaming of an k20 powered eg to call my own

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Welcome to the site! You've got the right mind towards planning your mods and it seems like you're not rash in making purchase decisions which will allow you to stay within budget. And honestly, that's the hardest part of putting together something like a K swap.

If you're set on modding your car even when you're making little money you could easily start with suspension mods which are fun. You could start with springs, which could cost $100 used and that'll greatly improve the handling of your ride. BUT, here's your warning. Once you start modding, it's VERY hard to stop. If you realize that now, you'll only start when you're comfortable enough to put some actual money into your car.

The best advice I could offer you during your down time is to make car friends, help them with their projects, use their tools, find someone to show you body work, find some old guy that's lonely to show you how to weld, do ANYTHING that'll get you around cars. Then, when you're time comes around, you'll be SOO much more comfortable to do the job.

Whatever route you choose, happy tuning. :dance:

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One of the things I've always enjoyed doing was doing it one thing at a time instead of doing everything at once. I mean, who of us have all that cash at once? This way you get to see your car get faster and faster part by part. Plus, each time you add a part on, you can feel your ass go alittle bit further back into the seat. And you won't get bored with it. You'll always have that next part to look forward to.

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Nazgul350r said:
I am in the same boat as you. College student that wants a faster car. I am still trying to find out everything that needs to go into a K24 swap.
just be ready to spend some $$$$...i think so far my k24a2 swap has cost me around 7-8 g's starting from scratch. Should be worth it though, k is the way to go! :D
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