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speed limiter??

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i dont know if anyone remembers me talking about how my car bogged down, and also needing a primary o2 sensor before and thinking that had to be one of the reasons it bogged down. but i will say it again.

when im at WOT, and in 5th gear at 6500 rpms, at 120 MPH, it bogs down. even when i switch into 6th and it reaches back to 120, it bogs down. you think it might be limited to its top speed? i know last time i mentioned this, people said to get kpro, which i know will be a really good choice, but i dont have the money for it. anyone running their stock 02-04 Type-S ECU in a 6 gen civic have this problem?

im just asking again, because the people who swapped it for me dont know the problem. (idiots) after a primary o2 sensor being installed, and no CEL's now, they dont know the problem. another problem with the ECU they found out, was that hondata had one of the wires in the wrong spot i guess. that was another reason i had CEL's. but yeah, i just found out since i actually tried to keep pushin it tonight to go faster, and it only went to 120. so what im thinking is, theres a limiter or something.
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anyone know? i know it sounds dumb. it just seems im limited and cant go past 120 mph.
just bumping this to see if anyone has any ideas. i think there are alot of people running their k-swap civics with stock ECU going over 120 MPH. and since this time i actually tried to take it further after it bogged down, i saw that i couldnt go past 120, even after seeing if i can in 6th gear.

thanks in advance for any replies i get
well, i did some searching since i got no responses here. seems some people have the same problem except they stop at 115 mph or 110. and they were just saying they need to get kpro. so i guess thats my answer then. and i guess theres no way to bypass the governor either???
bump for you, sorry i do not have any knowledge on this subject maybe call your local honda dealership to confirm the speed limiter. p.s. Thier is no need to be going that fast on public roads you are talking about at the track right.:p

lol. i never thought anybody would say anything at all to this thread. but umm..yeah :rolleyes: i was on public roads. you know once you swap your k20 in your going to want to test it out. and i just been doing it more to see if it still happens since i got my CEL's gone and fuel pressure regulator fixed. just hoped those things would have made the bogging down go away. and now i just tried to actually take it further instead of slowing down after it happened. just reaches 120 and goes down a few MPH, then back to 120, and down again. so i guess its just a governor or something keeping me from going any faster.

plus it made me lose to an infinite g35 coupe because i hit my top speed and couldnt go no faster. :mad: just frustrates me since i could do 120 in my d16, and now i have a much faster motor, and i hit the same speed. let me rephrase that, my D16y8 AUTOMATIC with a few bolt ons. haha
Yea sounds like the top speed limiter, you ever play forza or something same deal, goes to a certain mph then backs off then back again. To me that is what it sounds like, this one of the reasons i am saving for the kpro, i found it for 850 so its not to bad, also helps with emissions. My area is basically no check engine light and a visual inspection your good. lol.
yeah i play forza 2 all the time and that happens too. id like to save for kpro, but right now after the money being gone for the swap, and paying some bills, its hard to save. lol. but $850? wish i could find something near that price. im also wanting some slightly thicker street tires for the front of the car. nothing wider or to make my car sit higher, just kinda thicken the tire some. right now im using 195/55/r15 on SI wheels. so i thought id use some money for 2 new tires
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