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specs on k20a3??

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10seceg said:
I was wondering what the specs are on the k20a3 and how it compares to the type-s and ITR. good trade or wait it out...and its still f/s if anybody would like to just purchase it! lol...

Thanks in advance!

Seriously you need to do your reasearch asking question like that annoy me when people dont search it.
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i have a k20a3 ep3 here
the type-s is kickass
alot of us on ephatch
k-series and i-vtec
wish we had a k20a2
there is a huge difference between the two engine
hp est 155
tq est 125
no ex cam only int cam
no true vtec unilke the ctr and type-s
pistons are low cmpression makes it easy for k20a3 to boost easy with out any problem vs the ctr rsx n type-s that have high compression
jus say if you had the chance to get a ctr or type-s
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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