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doomsday said:
6k???? That's insane. I have a k20a3 with trans and ECU pulled from an obliterated RSX and I even got the seats, cluster I can take snaps of, the whole dash etc. Hell, I'd sell damn near everything I just named for 5.5k - before shipping. And I cover the engine for 6 months against any premature damage!! Engine has 7k on it (and I can take pics of the dash, the car, the numbers on the block and the matching numbers on the car to prove it).

Engine trans, ECU and harness with a 6mo warranty on the powertrain- I'll let it go for $4300 and if you're East of Ohio to NJ - that'll include shipping. If not, allow another $200-$300
To doomsday:

Don;t take this the wrong way, but I am not sure if you realise the difference between the 4 k series motors.

The k20a that comes from Japanese Integra type R can be found for an average price $5500 shipped. I have seen it $4900 shipped and $6000 shipped for the same swap so that is why I say $5500

Then the type S k20a2 swap goes for average $3500 shipped. I have seen it for $4200 and as low as $2800..

The k20a2 type s swap and the k20a from japan have different power but that can be fixed... The major difference is the LSD tranny that cost around $2000 on its own.

Then comes the k20a3 engine from a Civic Si that has about 40 HP less and doesn;t have real VTEC like the k24a. That motor has a block that looks like the k20a block but has no oil squirters and smaller water passages. If someone is planning to do a complete block rebuilt with custom sleeves, pistons, I guess it would not matter but for building the 2.4L block is better anyway.

Then we have the k24a motor. The tranny at this time cannot be used by the k series mounts that use the k20a, k20a2 and k20a3 tranny. Because there are more than half a million cars (accord, CR-V, element) with that motor, it is really easy to find and it cheap. It doesn;t have real I vtec as well, like the k20a3 but the torque makes up for it. With hondata it makes around 160 Hp at the wheels and 160 torque. Of course it doesn;t rev as high as the a, a2, a3. The price of the k24a is around $1000-$1500 tops. has like 6 k24a longlbocks ofr around $1500 each. The also have k20a2 full swaps for $3800+ I believe. At this time they do not carry any k20a but they have plans to import them.

Because, I realized that it would be hard to be able on my own to guarantee the condition of engines and swaps, when I first started the site I decided not to sell any swaps on my own because as you know when you buy a lot of engines it is really hard to cheack them all... A compression check and leak down test wil not tell youy everyhting and the trannies cannot be examined on the spot.

That is why I chose not to deal with that business.. THe engines swap business is complicated.. Too many JDM importers have screwed over people.... I have read plenty of horror stories in honda-tech.

THat is why I recommend for USDM motors because most people in the honda community know about them and they have no complaints.

Therefore although I can tell you my opinion on a swap you might find, I cannot really suggest anyone for k20a JDM swaps at this time. Just make sure that you take all the necessary precautions.

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