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some pictures of my rocket ship and a little review of my h-p itbs.

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all right guys here are some pics my budy eric snapped today....

the itb's are absolutly amazing, verry smooth and fit great(one dent under the hood on the webing was needed though to clear). some of you might have seen my car before with it had twm's on it. personaly for a daily driver i would have to say the hayward one's are the way to go but for a race car the twms would have it..


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It's not often I comment on people who have posted pics of their car...I just take a look and move on. I have to say though, very nice ride bro. Very clean, low key, and about business. Good job man, money well spent.
k20spooner said:
With ems will it still run as smoothly, be emission friendly and not require a hack job for wiring? Like if I plans of doing itb's should I just put in a ems instead of kpro or is kpro good enough, the car will be a weekend car and show queen, not trying to squeeze every last bit of power out.
thanks again
it shoud run as smooth if not smoother, i will be able to adjust the gian on the tps and map so i can run a tps based map that is map assisted. the k pro would work fine really i'v just been running the aem system for my last couple of builds and have grown to realy like it. o'h it will be there direct plug in system..

thanks for all the nice remarks and complements, it means alot..
what did the whole motor setup end up running you? im looking into something very similar... also, what kind of numbers have you put down?
i'm not shure about the total cost, i got hooked up with alot of the stuff, quite a bit though i'm shure. havent put down any numbers or ran it for time's yet either. so i guess i'm not verry helpfull lol..
I love everything about your car! For anyone wanting to contact Hayward Performance, here is their website.


They're right up here in BC, Canada. :up:
thanks Wilson, i can understand most of that haha and again thank you evilxkid
no problom, my pleasure..
I have a thing for white Egs... I am on my 5th white EG now... I am thinking about your itbs for my TSX motor in my white EG as well. The TWM install seems to be a huge pain and requires major cutting and fittings. Having tried both, do you agree?
From Hayward I dont see itb for the k20 I only see for b n s2000....Was it custom made for the K
this is actulay one of the first couple they made. i don't think they have had a chance to up date there page with them yet.

ya nicos, they would defanatly be the way to go. i could only imagine them on a tsx motor..
^^ that was actualy me posting ^^ lol, i just notice i was signed in under the wrong person.. haha.
Your car is sick!!!! can't wait to see some numbers and et's.
mmmm, haywerd ITB's...

On a TSX motor they would be really nice. I am interested to see what kind of numbers you put out with these things.

BTW I talked to lance at Haywerd and he said he just hasn't had time to update the web site yet... I think he quoted me around $2500 shipped :up:
good job man ! let me know how you do on the dyno and at the track...
like whoa! nice setup!

I like it a laut...good work mayng :up:

EMS is the way to go with your ITB setup :up:
thanks katman, i'v been running the ems for the last couple of weeks and i love it. it's a great piece.. <3
how much louder was the car after you put the itb's on???
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