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Some Pics of the HyTech K-Series Turbo Kit

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In case anyone hasn't already seen them:

Kit price is 7500 but comes with alot of extras. As well as a dual ball bearing water cooled turbo. I have some more pictures if anyone is intrested.

This is one of three kits im considering for my K24/K20 Setup im building. The others are a custom kit by my shop, and also the full race kit. Seems I'll be going with K-Pro for engine management.
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anyways, the Hytech turbo kit is not legal in most of the sanctioning bodies in drag racing because of the intercooler type. unless its used for road racing or something...... id rather get the Full-Race kit, so much more worth it
ksu_s13 said:

Blah! 304 stainless sucks for turbo manifolds. I'd get a Full Race manifold and have piece of mind that it will NEVER crack. Geoff's stuff lasts!
Just so you know. 304 stainless is what Full Race uses for their turbo manifolds. I believe you can opt for 316 stainless for even more durability. But 304 stainless is used on almost EVERY turbo manifold made for imports.
looks very nice and well put together, but is alittle expensive.
Full-Race kit.
I took these at SEMA.

Quality is amazing!
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One day I'll have enough money to make my car useless on the street. Incredible setups.

do you know what brand is the Turbo Insulating thing on the turbine side of the turbo from the hytech kit???? anybody????
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