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For an unofficial meet I planned myself, it turned out great.

^is the owner of this car on here? dont know his name

I know whose RSX this is^

Gian, finally got a pic

is this the right way?

^who's is this? didn't get a chance to meet

o hai cai

Going so soon?

Very nice, who's is this?

I remember this guy from K20A, forget his name tho

Apparently 537WHP, thats beast.

Another beastly K swap on boost. unfortunately I missed getting an open hood shot

my dad decided to say hi with his new H&R springs and spacers

Ray on boost?

Gone biking?


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ahh man, we're leaving already????

^who's is this now? nice rims

*Rolling shots Gian!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Too fast Gian, slow down!

Hurry up Anthony

Too much Vtec Derek!

the lone EP3

The road John, the road

sadly that van in teh back ground probly has more power than any of us

Solo Prelude, the car I was in for the rolling shots
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