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Smog a k20a in a eg?

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I already bought my k20 motor and plan on swapping it in sometimes next week. I was just wondering if I could get the motor Bar'ed? So I wont have to deal with smog issues and cops. If so what all am I suppose to have? I heard that it will pass because its a newer motor but I am gonna need every sensor the rsx has under the hood. I cant think of any I more sensors the car has other than the ones on the motor. Please help.... I dont wanna have to swap a SOHC back in my car.
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Come on someones gotta know.............
Cool thanx..Its that I got busted street racing and they they red tagged my car to the ref. So I was just gonna go ahead and put the SOHC but I am going to an area that is full of CHP officers that love to pop hoods, so I just wanted to be safe and bar the k20 but I guess Ill just put a SOHC in it for now to pass.

Anyways thanx for all the help.
Re: smoggable

strtslpr said:
Hi im a newbie to this forum so please excuse me if i ask too many ?'s. I work at acura as a smog tech and maybe i can help you out with this problem. im also in process of doing a k20 eg and definitley going to try to REF it. first of all if you want to do a swap and want to ref it you MUST use a the ECU that came with the motor so KPRO is definately out of the question. Also the use of JDM ecus are also not allowed. so the only thing that is left is the ersx ecu which is the one where you have to break the immobilzer thing but thats no big deal. All smog devices have to be hooked up and be functioning especially evap canister,purge valve,ect....usually the first thing is looked at because its a nice size so cant be missed. Now the big OBDII issue..if you are sure your have all codes/dtcs cleared then the best hing to do is hard wire a diagnostic connector .. i wouldnt change the whole cabin hareness ..too much work.truthfully i probably wouldnt tell the tell the smog ref that its an OBDII tell him that its a 95 engine .. most dumb ass smog ref s wont even know. you will get a sticker stating that you have a 95 motor but who cares smog refs really dont care as long as you have a sticker . they dont ever take the time to match up motors and stuff like that..sounds a little sketchy but i know a few folks taht have done it and turned out cool..sounds like alot of work but definately worth it if you pass.. Gluck to you.
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