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Hey guys, Jeff over at Mean Muggin Studios finished the video from Slowmotion Motorsports end of season race weekend.

Point of the video was to show a weekend full of racing with a couple of Slowmotion Motorsports built cars, and the friendship/commradery that everyone has over there with their customers. Unfortunately the first event was cancelled due to rain, so partying followed.

Second Day of racing was minimal, as the driver gasket popped. ;)

Must watch in High Quality version (click the button bottom right of player) so that you can see the effects that Jeff over at Mean Muggin added.

This video is a preview of the type/quality that you will see this up and coming season. Can't wait!!

Both K20 Motors in the white and orange civics are completely stock with Slowmotion Turbo Kits on them. Both are under 15psi.

Thanks for Looking. Hope to see more of you this coming season!!

Corey Parrish

Slowmotion Motorsports LLC
687 Kintner Pkwy
Sunbury, OH 43074
email: [email protected]
ph: 740-965-1728
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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