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sleeving cost

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I know nikos has sleeved his block but never listed a price but I'm sure he got a hook up. But I was wanting to know how much some of you are paying or seeing them go for. I know b series is between $800-1200 depending on what all is done and what company does it. I would like a quick turn around like 3 weeks or less IF possible. The company would have to everything, possibly vat the block, aligh, bore/hone, deck, all the things that have to be done to install the internals and be ready to go. Customer service is a HUGE thing, I cant stand golden eagle, they have some pretty bad customer service and I only order from them when I have to.
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nikos where you at?
i will probably go with ERL, Nikos did a writeup about his block and sounds like customer service was top notch.

Nikos, I want to assemble the motor myself, just the saticfactory of saying "I assembled it" its not a bragging thing but an achievement for me.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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