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It was fun just to hang out with friends again! Thanks to skunk2 for having our cars on display :beer: Turn out where great! Super good deals on new & used parts. I'm looking forward for the next Garage sale :thumbup:

Time attack dc5

Project beta

project alpha

another skunk2 project car

Beta is forsale

Latest project from skunk2, time attack evo

supercharged ap2

My dc and eg's

Ruben super clean ef

Tommy from go tuning

b16b itb's

my latest 2.4k project

time attack eg

time attack dc

jerry built gt42r drag ek

another skunk2 project ep3

supercharged fit

more supercharged s2k

another supercharged s2k

ISf on the dyno

skunk2/kraft werks fit

Ben and billy boy

this dude try to jack my shade

Can i help you?

Tony, Vesko, billy boy and Dave chilling at skunk2

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What is the power steering reservoir being used for? :confused: I dont see power sterering being used on this car at all..
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