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should i pick up, or not pick up. i hope the guy has this next month when i will get the cash for it. think i should put a down payment on this mug asap.

all i need is a new oil pan (or plugged it maybe) and upgrade internals for better flow/compression etc. (looks like i spent a whole lot on P&P the head). oh yea, building for a NA all motor street beast.

thanks guys, and don't forget to DL free music from my sig. :p

$3500 w/extras $3200 without extras

Is the item new or used

Product description

-K24a1 Shortblock (4 miles)
-K20a2 Cylinder Head (0 miles)
-Gude full port & polish for f/i (head package that consists of the full p&p on the k20a2 cylinder head and regrinded cams)
-K20a2 Oil Cooling System, K24 Shortblock was drilled and plummed (0 miles)-
-K20a2 Aluminum Oil Pan w/ oil bung for turbo welded (0 miles)
-Cometic Triply Layer Metal Head Gasket (0 miles)
-Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket (0 miles)
-k20a2 Intake Manifold (0 miles)
-Labor from
-All misc sensors included
-TSX 6 Speed Transmission (8000 miles)
-RSX-S Flywheels
-RSX-S Halfshaft & Axles
-RSX Alternator

RSX-S Transmission Casing
Brand New Exedy stage 1 clutch
Brand New Circuitwerx 36mm hub for 92-00 civic"

2,961 Posts
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We did assemble the motor, I am not 100% sure what has happened to the motor since we last worked on it.

Hope that helps.
i saw the pics, and it looks clean (liked 0 miles). though i may still pick it up and get another head, while selling the old one or saving it incase i want to boost.

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