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Vtecwhore said:
dyamn im starting to have doubts about this swap... should i do it? i gots the cash and almost all the parts just not to sure about cuttin my pass side mount on my 98 type R. i also live in cali where the cops hate on imports and give smog refere tickets.. what would you guys do ???
sup chris. still thinking about it. its worth it, ill give you a ride if you cant make up your mind...LoL.

but about the smog, you might have some problems. i havent figured a way to get around it yet. the immobilizer is the hard part. because you cant get the damn cel to turn off, so you wont pass. the only thing you could do, is go to the reff first, and just tell him straight up. just tell him exactly what you plan to do, and how your going to do it. the other problem with the smog, is the header. but ive heard a stock tsx header will fit.

but, if smog isnt an issue. DO IT! seriously, you will not miss your b series, i can guarantee you that much.
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