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Shhhhhhh RBC inside. dont tell anyone!

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so i managed to shut my sir hood with a rbc, already had spacers on the rear to let hear out and give that mad jdm look yO! so now shes happy. the cut metal hood just wasnt cuttin it on this car. here she is

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Cant imagine how many spacer I would need to fit my K24. :(
Very nice ride. What rad is that?
k20 right?
I love your car, looks great :up:

Did you mill the flange to make it fit?
ok here is the rundown, anyone with a k20 knows there is amazing oil pan clearance in the ef, actually hasport over did it with there mounts, what i did was before the pass and driver mount hits there brackets i put two washers on each bolt, nothing huge same size washers as hasport provides, then i smashed the booster fitting down but switched it today to the pcv port because i dont run one. then i put 1/2 inch spacers on each bolt to mount the hood.
and this is a SiR front not usdm, there is no chance in hell with a usdm hood, should work with fiber image or vis jdm style
Nice, I see the washers now lol. Good stuff, means the IPS mani will fit :up:
did u have to cut out the webbing?
thats not too bad... does the manifold touch?
nope not now that i moved the booster line
to bad we messed up the meatal hood
to bad we messed up the meatal hood
lmao wanna buy it 80 bucks!
somebody will buy it
ya man i aint worried, did its job.
I had this idea awhile ago but never ended up getting an RBC and I was concerned with how the rear bracket would sit since its sort of on a pivot. What thickness of spacer are you using, do you have a hondata intake manifold gasket?
read man read i listed the whole method!
You didnt mention either of what I was asking about, im not talking about the hood spaers. Im talking about how the rear transmission mount sits/pivots.
1 - 20 of 83 Posts
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