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Welcome to Part II of my build! This is an ongoing build, so for those that want to catch up, read up to page 35 HERE. To keep things organized, this post will have a modification list & master index which will be updated regularly. Alot of stuff is planned so stay tuned & enjoy!

Modification list:

2003 K20A2
Hasport ESK3 mounts (62a sides/70a rear)
Hondata K-Pro III
RRC 11.7:1 pistons
Drag Cartel 002.2 Endurance camshafts
Ferrea S10100 valvetrain w/ tool steel retainers
Ferrea 6000 series valves
4 Piston Racing 4 angle valve job
4 Piston Racing manganese bronze valve guides
Number One Racing 40* VTC gear
Number One Racing cam tower oiling mod
K&N filter
Vibrant bellmouth velocity stack
Hybrid Racing 3" CAI
Hybrid Racing 70mm TB
Hybrid Racing TPS
Hondata IMG
ASP 4-1 header w/ megaphone & reverse cone
Custom 3” LCA dump exhaust
PRC crank pulley
Number One Racing baffled trapdoor oil pan
Number One Racing modded oil pump
DeatschWerks DW65c fuel pump
Earl's fittings/hose
Hybrid Racing fuel rail (limited edition blue)
Hybrid Racing fuel pressure gauge
RDX 410cc injectors
SHG rocker cover
Hybrid Racing slim oil cap (black)
PRC oil dipstick
Wire-Worx stage 4 mil-spec engine harness
Custom wire tuck
Odyssey PC680 battery
Longacre remote battery terminals

2003 X2M5
Wavetrac LSD
FD2 CTR FD (5.062)
DC5 ITR 4th & 5th gear (1.212 & .972)
TSX 6th gear (.659)
Synchrotech carbon synchros
Exedy stage 1 clutch
Exedy 9lb flywheel
Hybrid Racing shifter
Hybrid Racing shifter cables
Hybrid Racing stainless steel clutch line

02-04 RSX-S spec
Fortune Auto generation 5 - 510 series dampers
Swift springs (14/24kg)
Todd's custom caster/camber plates
05-06 RSX-S front lower brace
Buddy Club RCAs
PCI caster increasing spherical bushings
Buddy Club rear camber arms
Energy Suspension rear knuckle/trailing arm bushings
Function7 LCAs

Todd's custom adjustable inner tie-rods
RSX-S outer tie-rods

RSX-S spec
05-06 RSX-S brake booster & master cylinder
Axxis ULT brake pads
Russell stainless steel brake lines
ATE Super Blue

Wheels & Tires
ARP extended wheel studs
06-08 Si wheels
225/45/17 Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Spec

SHG windshield banner
AeroCatch Plus Flush locking hood pins
JDM 04-05 ES2 headlights
OEM Foglights
EDM 04-05 EM2 sidemarkers
EDM EM2 folding mirrors
EDM 04-05 EM2 taillights
EDM EM2 rear foglight
SHG rear tow loop

350mm Nardi Deep Corn
Works Bell standard boss
Recaro Pole Position (black leather w/ red stitch)
PCI seat mounts w/ Recaro sliders
RedlineGoods custom shift boot
S2000 start button
DC5 ITR start button holder
Mugen pedals
OEM all-season floor mats


Page 1: EDM tails | HR 70mm TB | ALL IN Fab coilpack cover

Page 2: EDM mirrors | RRC IM | OEM parts | ClockwiseMotion oil pan baffle | TracTuff timing chain cover baffle & IACV rotator | Mount bowl

Page 3: Paint supplies | Color choice

Page 4: Wire-Worx engine harness | Engine bay metal work | OEM parts | Mugen pedals | Type-R shift knobs | SHG rear tow loop | HR shifter & cables | JDM headlights

Page 5: Engine bay stripped | Engine bay painted

Page 6: PCI caster bushings | OEM parts | Koyo radiator

Page 7: Top end torn down | Drag Cartel 002.2 cams | Hardware909 | SHG license plate | Ferrea valvetrain

Page 8: Bottom end torn down | OEM parts | ARP headstuds | Number One Racing oil pan baffle & pump | 4Piston refreshed head | Recaro driver seat | Random snaps | Number One Racing cam tower oiling & modded VTC

Page 9: PCI seat mounts | RRC pistons | SHG care package | Buddy Club RCAs | CTR FD

Page 10: ITR/TSX gears

Page 11: Wavetrac LSD | Synchrotech synchros | Earl's fittings/line | Energy Suspension bushings | ARP wheel studs | Function7 LCAs | OEM parts

Page 12: ASP header

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Re: K20A2 EM2 build from Hawai'i - Part II

Definitely interested to see more progress on this :) :up:

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Re: K20A2 EM2 build from Hawai'i - Part II

nice build.....what do you take you pics with?

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