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secret mods 07 si

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hey are there any of you guys out there that mod these cars and keep the warrenty by swapping parts back or doing secretive things like 06 tsx cams and keeping the warranty?
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what the heck do you mean SECRET mods...

you mean in case your motor breaks, you swap the stock parts back on before going to the dealers?

I don't get the point of this question/'s pretty pointless
of course the dealer is going to say don't mod your car. that's a given.

Modding something on your car does not void your warranty in general. It just voids whatever you modded's warranty. does that make sense? so if you lowered your car and then you bring in your car with some suspension problems, they will blame it on your coilovers.

On the other hand if you lowered your car and something went wrong with lets say your motor, they still have to cover it, unless they somehow find the cause of hte motor failure was due to the suspension mod.

get it?

they will always try to give you trouble no matter what.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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