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Second generation TSX manual transmission CV shafts\axles, are they different from automatic\interchanged with Accord manual?

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There is a LOT of conflicting information here and I don't know what to think so I'm reaching out to the hardcore guys here. We've got a 2011 Acura TSX that started wobbling at speed under acceleration, thought it was the wheel weights, but wheels were fine. Suspected axle issue, dug some more, almost certainly needs an intermediate shaft bearing, seal and both inner joints. Finding inner joints specifically here I can already tell would be impossible. So the whole assembly is the easiest to find and even that seems impossible.

As I understand it.

USDM TSX = JDM\Euro Accord

But I see quite a large number of lists including the CV axles\shafts interchanging as

2G TSX all transmissions
8G Accord Manual


-USDM Accord KA is a 5MT, JDM Accord\TSX is a 6MT They're not even the same chassis?

From what I can understand, the manual is possibly a SMALL bit longer? If that's the case, I would keep an eye on some of the sites that provide length details. None of the big box stores seem to have any details that ease my concerns here.

Searching on Orielley's

I think HO-8405 might be it.

580mm is listed as Automatic transmission
626mm is listed unspecified and includes the V6 =|

Using the part number I can't find anything except OEM. 44305-TL2-E53

Only someone that's handled both shafts would know, otherwise Acura wants $1800 to do both sides (probably PLUS $350 to diagnose).
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