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S2000 radiator in EK Civic?

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Anyone who has mounted a s2000 radiator in a EK Civic? i´m looking for a full size radiator that will fit perfect, and the s2k radiator looks like it have the studs the right places.

I would like to hear any info, or better a few pics.
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my friend told me about using the ep3 one. Sounds good to me.

But i think im going to use my standard DC2 one. Change the fans over so the big fan is on the other side and change the sensors to the EP3 one.

I can do that cant i lol
technically yes, you can. However coolant port is on the wrong side of the radiator and it doesn't come with a port for the fan switch. I wouldn't bother trying to use a dc2 rad unless you just happen to already have one available for cheap/free.
Well ive got a dc2 lol so ive got one for free :)

But from reading everyone elses post im probably going to get a EP3. Will there be enough space if i use RBC mani??
ive decided im going to use EP3 radiator but will i have any problems with a RBC mani??
That intake looks a bit low doesnt it

Wont it suck up water??

Ive been looking on another forum and people are saying the aem cai are too low... Has anyone damaged their engines with a low intake like that
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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