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V8KO said:
Hey guys K20EG led me to this site...thanks.......again lol.

Well were just starting to build a k24/k20 head engine. Actually the engine has yet to arrive. We thought perhaps that the s2000 pistons might fit into the k24 block...any thoughts?

We'll be able to find out more once the engine arrives but hey thought Id ask.

Anyone have any comments on perhaps some pit falls to look out for, or perhaps a little knowledge on maybe getting a few more horses without making me completly broke :p

BTW any thoughts on these mounts?

I was also wondering if anyone is going to break the rules and not go with the urethane mount inserts...I was thinking of something with more of a stock feel.[/img]
................... is there any response to this particular question....but i do have to say the responses were funny... just not helpful.
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