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Rywire Milspec K subharnesses

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Because nobody remembers I make these here is the K sub harness with some heat shrink added. Because its a sub harness for the interior I normally just use zipties.

Pictured is a EK obd2a harness with all new connectors, no need to send in anything to us!

Prices are on sale now $250 for customers only.
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so that is a "k swap" harness right?

I completely rewired my car, (the chassis side, the only OE stuff that is left is the conectors at the taillights), but i don't really want to mess with getting into the harness/ecu stuff.

Would it be possible to purchase that sub harness no need for the "mil-spec heat shrink", and with out the connectors that are supposed to attach to the OE chassis harness? Just give me wires labeled with what i need to hook them up to, IE (ignition power, power, ground, ect ect ect...)

you could email me at jimmysc13 {['at'}] gmail {[dot}] com

Yes sir, that would be our race style sub harness. Basically its the k plugs for ecu and eng harness, relay, and labeled wires to tie into.:up:
can you email me a price shipped to 95619? (pretty much sacramento, CA)
Is there any other email address I can send my questions to? Or is your email address Peter 9at9 rywire ??
You can reach Ryan at: ryan (at) rywire (dot) com

He's a busy guy, but he'll get back to you. :up:
Thanks, i emailed them again.

I am kinda urgent because i will be down in his area, and would like to pick the products up.
Bump for Ryan. He'll get you all set up.
that he did!!

Thanks again ryan, ill through up some pics once i get everything together.
Thanks Ryan for taking care of me and getting me the product (which he had to make) So quickly!!

Amazing quality, fast service and he had no problems making me a custom sub harness.
1 - 8 of 40 Posts
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