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Being i am personally a HUGE fan of the K series engines i'm always looking for a good excuse to post here!
This Subi was built strictly for the love of driving and the owners desire and passion to learn how to build, maintain and drive his own project. When DJ (owner) first picked up the subi he had only a basic understanding of automotive mechanics, by the end of the build... well you can see what he ended up with. Of course it always helps to surround yourself with friends/family that build cars for a living.

Interview with the owner DJ of this RWD subaru:

Recently the car was all wrapped up and once on the track it started to get a good amount of attention, resulting in the cover of last month Super Street!

I'll share the FULL build list as soon as i can find some time!

***the old set up**** stock motor open source ECU tuning

The NEW set up, custom ej22, GTX3076R, Twin scroll Full-Race manifold custom up pipe, tuned on AEM ems.

This picture spread like wild fire, Ass in the air!

Open source ECU tuning

Paint in Phoenix AZ

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